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MAD Ear+ Purist HD thread.

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lmilhan, May 22, 2007.
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  1. joseph69
    What a shame…sorry to hear this.
  2. Textfeud
    I got the MAD Ear +HD back. It's fixed and modded a bit. Great match with RS1i indeed!
    rehabitat likes this.
  3. jaywillin
    nice !!
    i'm thinking about getting another one
  4. Textfeud
    It's weird I find the Mad Ear to give a very intimate and romantic sound with sweet highs, but I also never had a bigger soundstage with the RS1i ever before.
  5. jaywillin
    its good with a wide range off headphones too
  6. whirlwind
    I know, right.
    Glad you got it fixed.
  7. Textfeud
    Can you use 12AT7 tubes in the Mad Ear?
  8. parbaked
    No, you should stick to 5751 or 12AX7 if you like more gain.
  9. stephanemtl
    I am curious: how quiet is your amp?
    I hear a very faint hum in the background (with both HD650 and RS1, at both low and high gain). It is so faint that it disappears as soon as the music starts, but it is still there nonetheless.
    No big deal, being so faint. But I am curious.
    Dr. Lloyd tells me that the amp should be dead quiet (no background humm), but can a tube amp be truly 100% quiet?
    Thanks for your input, guys!
  10. joseph69
    My WA6 is %100 dead quiet.
  11. parbaked
    That's because you're using your new toy and your WA6 is off!!
  12. joseph69
    That made me laugh!!!
    Actually I've been listening to the RS1i/WA6 for the past couple of nights...I felt bad, because I haven't used them. [​IMG]
  13. tuatara
    I had a HD100 for several years and it always had a very low level hum from new. I contacted Lloyd about it and he thought it may have been something like vibration in the transformer.  I did send it to a top tech here in NZ last year and he couldn't find anything wrong but did add different feet and some material in a couple of places to help deaden any vibration.  I tried many new and NOS tubes over the years and never managed to get the amp dead quiet. Once music was playing though it wasn't a problem. 
     Worst phones to pick up noise- the ATH AD2000, always had trouble using them with the MAD and my Yamamoto. 
  14. Textfeud
    Just bought the Sylvania JHS black plate triple mica 5751 square getter. That's the 'holy grail' Sylvania right? Tested 900/1100 with 850 as minimum good. Don't know too much about tubes so hope I did a good purchase. [​IMG]
    Should get the Raytheon Windmill getter 5751 this week too [​IMG] Purchased that one in Holland from a well known seller so that one is NOS and test good.
  15. whirlwind
    That sylvania 5751 triple mica black plate was my favorite, by far with my RS1i......synergy out the ying yang.....enjoy  [​IMG]
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