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MAD Ear+ Purist HD thread.

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lmilhan, May 22, 2007.
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  1. kramer5150
    Good RS1 setup.  I don't own a ME+, but have heard those several times over the years with my RS1 at local meets.  Grados in general respond VERY WELL to output transformer coupling, and its the hammond 12 watt 119DA OTs in the ME+ that makes it unique.  AFIAK maple tree is the only HP amp maker in existence that uses these OTs.  A while ago there was a schematic floating around the www.
    According to the manual, the right and left tubes are positioned as such in the chassis... R is on the right L is on the left as you face the front.
    Ear+ -VS- D100... use your ears as a guide.  Plug it into whichever sounds best.  I have always found my RS1 (and HF1 & SR60 for that matter) to be my least amp-sensitive phones in my mid-fi collection.  I think it has to do with their sensitivity/efficiency.  That combined with the Grado harmonic distortions + resonances that saturate and color everything from the upfront signal chain.  Cool thing about the Ear+ is they make use of both secondary coils on the Hammond OTs.  So don't hesitate for a second to plug the Grado into the 300 ohm jack.  Note also that new tubes (as opposed to used) have a certain burn-in time, sometimes they just need hours of use to settle down, and the result is an amp circuit that goes through changes as the tubes burn.
    My response to #3 is harmonic distortion can be a good/bad thing, depending on the individual preference.  Thats the beauty of tube rolling (and OP amp rolling too), go with what sounds best to your ears.  GE and Sylvania are generally regarded as work horse tubes.  They cranked those things out by the millions and can be found NOS, used...etc.  Mullard, Amperex, Telefunken, RCA are other generally highly regarded brands.  Italicized that because there was also the world of tube re-branding.  So many tubes screen-labeled as brandA, were in reality manufactured by brand-B.  Get to know your tubes by construction as well as brands... ID your plates, getters, pins, bottles...etc, and Happy hunting for that magic tube!!  Theres almost always a headfi tube rolling thread dedicated to the most popular amps and tubes... start with that to get a consensus.  Keep in mind too though that they are just subjective preferences/impressions.
    For your #4, I think you've got a great all around single ended setup.  You've only just scratched the surface with the RS1, its a good headphone but not without its limitations.  The Ear+ can accommodate a wide range of impedances too.  I have always believed the headphone is THE MOST critical component in the chain, and has the biggest influence on what the system will sound like.... see where I'm going with this?  Without a doubt... get yourself some other headphones to try out in your rig.  Despite being a ~$600 headphone, and a long standing favorite of mine, frankly there are other cans out there that blow it away in certain aspects, with certain types of music... at a fraction of the RS1 price. 
  2. joseph69
    I'm curious to as which headphones that are a fraction of the price of the RS's, that in certain aspects/genres blow them away, I'd like to check them out. Thanks.
  3. whirlwind
    First off, congrats on the purchase of your MAD [​IMG]
    It certainly sounds like a tube problem, especially of it switches side when you change the tube.
    Also do be aware of EMI {Electromagnetic Interference} It does not take much to get interference with tubes....a cell phone made my MAD act funny once....removed the cell phone and the problem also went away......I have also moved my amp just a few inches before and a small noise that I was getting from the amp  completely left ....tubes can be finiky....but boy....Do they sound good  [​IMG]
    I can very strongly suggest a Sylvania 5751 black plate triple mica tube....for me...this has been my favorite tube...this is just a matter of personal preference, however...but I do highly recommend it.
    I hope that you get your issue sorted, as you truly have a very nice amp for your RS1.....happy listening.
  4. kramer5150
    Note my careful selection of words..."in certain aspects, with certain types of music"... With that out of the way here my findings:
    I have found these cans beat the RS1 in these regards, and also my commentary is for the older RS1 with thicker mids and a little more bass-bloat, not the newer "i" model which has a little more going on at the ends of the spectrum.
    Q701,deep-bass extension, soundstage image separation, overall "warmth".
    K701/702, "dry" neutrality, soundstage image separation, deep-bass extension
    DT880, Treble sparkle, air and extension as well as deep bass extension, soundstage (I am contemplating adding a 880/600 ohm to my collection, it should pair well with my Earmax and Darkvoice337 OTL amps).
    HD600/580, soundstage image separation.  The HD600 is my personal preference can when I find the RS1 to be "too much grado" and the K701 is too dry, analytical and boring.
    HD650, soundstage image separation, overall more relaxed warm presentation.
    So my findings pretty much mirror the popular consensus on the RS1 image and soundstage... but none the less are still my opinions.  The other member (to whom I was responding) has a really versatile rig, with both tube-transformer coupling and solid state amplification with the Yulong.  I think any one or two of these cans would make a great complimentary set to the RS1 or RS1i in his rig.  lets not also forget Mad Dog and HiFi Man Orthos too!!
  5. kramer5150
    Yes EMI/RFI can wreck havoc on tubes.  My iPhone can't be within 5-6 feet of my Earmax OTL amp... or it causes all kinds of weird crackling and digital noises.
  6. joseph69
    Thanks, I did take notice of your choice of words, this is why I was curious about which headphone you were talking about, thanks again.
  7. parbaked
    HD600 sounded best with my MAD Super 2.
    IIRC the good Dr. uses HD650...
  8. whirlwind

    I believe you are correct about Dr. Peppard
    I have thought about getting some myself.
  9. joseph69
    Yes, the MAD was designed around the HD's in mind.
  10. parbaked
    I sold my MAD and haven't broken out the Grados since I started listening to my HD600s with this Spud:
    I think the HD600/650 are excellent cans - must have at least once int he journey. 

  11. whirlwind
    Have you ever heard the HD650 with the MAD ?
  12. parbaked
    I had a Super 2...different MAD but yes very good with the HD600/650.
    Your MAD was designed using HD650, it will be good match too.
    Great amp...should have kept it...but Spud is more better...cheers! [​IMG] 
  13. whirlwind
    I will have a set of HD650's coming my way very soon....I can't wait to try out this combo.
  14. jaywillin

    did you score ??
  15. whirlwind

    Yep [​IMG] 
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