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MAD Ear+ Purist HD thread.

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lmilhan, May 22, 2007.
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  1. MacedonianHero Contributor
    He takes a day or so, but always responds.
  2. whirlwind
    He answered my e-mail the next day, about if he had any used or second hand amps.
    He did not, by the way.
  3. Twinster
    Still regret selling mine :frowning2:
  4. whirlwind
    I will keep on looking, who knows, maybe I will find one eventually.
  5. whirlwind
    Finally.....just bought one off of the buy/sell/trade forums here....thanks j-rock!
    I can not wait to try this out with my RS1i.....I am rather stoked!
  6. jtinto
    glad you found one whirlwind
    let the tube rolling begin
  7. whirlwind
    Would you happen to have a list of nice tubes ?
  8. whirlwind
    After owning this amp for about 10 days now, I have to say the stock tubes sound fantastic!
    The 5751 for me....sooooo much detail.
    I am so glad that I came across this amp, and just like most of you said...the synergy between this amp and the RS1i is incredible.
    I truly believe I will keep this combo forever.
    Now, back to some more SRV  [​IMG]
  9. joseph69
    I'm glad to hear you enjoy the Ear+HD so much. I hope I feel the same way when I receive mine!
    I noticed you own the SR60's, have you tried them with the Ear+HD?
    If so does this amp also make these sound much better?
  10. whirlwind
    I have not tried the SR60 with this amp yet, my son has been using my SR60 for the last month or so.
  11. joseph69
    I was just curious because I have the 80's, so I was curious to hear what you thought about the 60's with the Ear+. Thanks. 
  12. whirlwind
    I don't think you are going to unplug your RS1i from this amp, very often  [​IMG]
  13. joseph69
    I'm listening to the LD1+ with RS1's right now, and its sounds awesome, I can't imagine how this amp is going to sound, nor can I wait. I know I sound like a broken record, but I'm realy anxious!!!
  14. whirlwind
    How long before you get your MAD EAR, Joseph. ?
    Yea, I agree with you about the LD1+.
    As much as I like the MAD EAR, the LD1+ is just too dang good, for all that it cost.....I am keeping it for sure.
    My son has been using my SR60, I may let him use the LD1+ for awhile....I am afraid I won't get it back though.
    Every night before I go to bed I listen to a couple of cd's with the MAD EAR and RS1i combo......every night I stay up way too late
    Last night's culprit...ZZ Top - Tres Hombres
    I feel your excitement very much, it will be worth the wait....you'll see.
    I e-mailed the good Dr. a couple of days ago, along with a picture of my amp.....on my amp on the black face plate the gold lettering is worn off.
    I asked if I could just buy those face plates, and then my amp would look new again { it is 7 years old}
    He asked for my address and is going to send me new lettering free of charge! He also gave me detailed instructions on how to get them on my amp without messing up my paint job.
    What a great guy to deal with, he seems so down to earth and is a top-notch gentlemen in my book.
  15. joseph69
    I'm not to sure when the amp is coming. When I first inquired about the amp, Lloyd did mention that he was about a week behind. Lloyd received payment from me on 10/8/13, and a couple of days later he said he was waiting for my chassis, so as of now its only been 8 days. I'll wait a week or so to give him an e-mail if I don't hear from him. Nice of him to send you new lettering for your amp, now it will look brand new. As far as the LD, it really does sound nice, and you probably wouldn't get it back. Also it sounds like the RS's are opening up more and more each time I listen to them, I must have about 25-30 hrs on them at this point.
    Do you use an outboard dac or do you use you Cd players dac? If outboard, what dac do you use with the Ear+?
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