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Mad Dog Speakers vs HiFiMan 400????

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by pichu, Nov 10, 2012.
  1. pichu
    So out of these two headphones, around the same price, which one is worth more of the money? Is there any other headphone that can compare? To be more precise, which headphone is best from $300-$400 and is good for classic, 60's-70's music and hip hop, dubstep, electronic.....???? ( will be used with Fiio e10 DAC/Amp. ( also I have ultrasone 580, is it worth an upgrade????? )
  2. jerg Contributor
    Check out Matt's very recent comparison, and decide based on your own priorities:
  3. paradoxper
    Very loosely, but I'll say HE-400's for your genre specific needs.
  4. MattTCG
    I love it when I'm quoted. [​IMG] jk...I think that for your musical preferences that you could go either way. The amp that you have could also make the difference. If you're using the e17, the he400 is easier to drive than MD. If I only  had the e17, I'd go with the he400 for sure.
  5. pichu
    ok thanks man... 400 for me : )
  6. Marleybob217
    The Mad Dogs are very unoffensive, and pleasant. They did not wow me at all apart from the smooooth mid-range.
    I'd say the HE-400 :)
  7. RushNerd
    Two different worlds really even though both sport Planar tech. The MD's have a lot more value for isolation and pro audio use/mixing IMO. The 400's are just made for music and enjoyment.

    No idea why, but this song sounds amazingly good on the 400's, that's the 60's for ya xD
  8. Marleybob217
    Don't forget, the Mad Dogs are just a mod of the t50rp which is a pretty cheap headphone. What mrspeakers has done with them is quite amazing, but he pulled the last drop of SQ out of those drivers. 
    The HE-400 technically has better drivers, and you can hear this, it has better detail, soundstage, etc.
    Think about what you can achieve with some cheap and easy mods. 
    New earpads (velour), the grill mod and maybe a filter for the highs, if it's too much for you.
  9. pinkdan
    He-400 or 400s? It's so confusing

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