Macbook Pro question - Midi settings / Optical Digital output with Airport Express, using DHA3000
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Jan 27, 2006
I see a lot of people utilizing Airport Express with MBP, and was wondering how this works exactly with say the DHA3000 Audio Technica Amplifier?

Also, how would one change audio MIDI settings on the MBP? I have been in the Sound index under system preferences but not seen this anywhere?

I want to ultimately use Optical Digital out and get the best quality signal from the MBP for Digital, can someone help? I see the current thread with similar but did not want to hijack it with my questions, any assistance would be kindly appreciated..
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With the airport express, the audio/midi settings are irrelevant. It outputs 44/16. You'd need a cable that was optical mini on one end, and toslink on the other. If the dha3000 has an optical in, that's it, just plug it in. Otherwise, you'll need something like a midiman co/2 to convert optical to coax. Then use airfoil or itunes and start sending music.
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It's funny. I didn't come back to Head-Fi from more than year and just on my first 5 minutes I see a post of people asking for one of my systems.

Grawk is totally right. It couldn't be easier. I have a MacBook -> DHA3000 and it sounds absolutely amazing with the L3000 (and with the others). Highly recommended. It is not very flexible but it is one of the best systems out there. Is the one that gets most use here.


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