M6 PRO Impressions
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Sweet!  I'm really curious to know what you hear.
I think that these may actually benefit from an amp - do you have one to compare with ?  
I do not have an amp but I just have a feeling that the sub-bass roll-off would not be there with an amp.  
The impression that I get is all the detail is there but it is veiled because it needs that extra bit of juice - but its just a feeling I have.
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No, I don't use any external EQ or amps on any of my earphones. I really let the companies decide what I listen to. I'm not an audiophile by any means, but using an external amp wherever I go is way too hard for the little difference it would make to me.
So far:
I need to note that the housings are in fact larger than the original M6s. I've read somewhere that someone said they were the same size. This isn't true. The PROs are slightly bigger in this regard, and it does make a difference to me. I really dig the new cable (which is a little 'rubbery'); it's thickness is in between the original M6s and the Shure SE215s (which again, I can't stand). Not too large, not to small. Also, on that note I LOVE how the earphones connect to the cable - NO swivel! YES! Also, I'm loving the comfortable fit I'm getting with the triple flanges! 
I will in fact be doing a video review on these after I experience them for a few more days, so stay tuned! :)
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After listening to these for weeks on end I have to say I love them.
In my initial review I complained about the bass being a little recessed.  AFAIK this is the first impressions thread that has popped on "teh intenets" and every review that was posted after mine has echoed what I stated.
So far I would say my review was pretty fair, balanced, and spot on with one caveat.  I had a faulty right ear bud - it had a short in it and needed replacing.  Meelec got me a replacement immediately and I have to say that the difference was perceptible.
These are amazing little buds for the price.  I still wish they had more bass, but the service and support are top notch - and they sound great.
On average I wear them 4+ hours a day while I code at work.  They get the job done and I don't often find myself missing bass - I just want more if its doable while still being neutral - and I'm not sure that is possible.
The character of these is a little more on the treble side but they are still neutral and great for all genres.
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Ok, guys, I'm writing you down my final impressions of these M6 Pro (while listening to them playing Lauryn Hill - Doo Woop 
So, after having them for about a month, listening to them every day, testing them with multiple (about 12 different) eartips and using a variety of sources during this time frame (HTC One M8, iPod Touch 4th Gen, Sandisk Sansa Clip sport, Laptop: Asus Zenbook UX31A), here are my thoughts so far. Oh, one last thing - I've burned them in for 24 hours using pink noise, repeating the process with both cables.
Let's start with the Build quality and appearance: I'd give them 9/10. These look absolutely stunning, they seem to be sturdy and the form factor is pretty much high-end.
I'd also like to mention the box they came in and all the accessories - Simply brilliant, looks great and gives you a feeling you just bought yourself a pair of IEM's that actually costs at least double.
Moving on to the Comfort & Isolation: This is a VERY tricky part. When I say very tricky I mean, these are SUPER tip sensitive and your choice of eartips can pretty much change everything, both the isolation level and the comfort, that will obviously affect the sound. IMO, I found the housing to be a bit too large and that's what makes them fit kinda weird at the beginning. For me, I think all the included eartips are simply worthless, they did not provide a good seal, nor good comfort level. I tried 12 different tips and for me, the Sony Hybrid (Large) worked the best and provided a great fit, good isolation and by far better sound quality as a result. I would rate them in this parameter - 7/10 just because it takes forever to find a good fit and seal, however, once you do, it's great!!
Now, to the best part, Sound quality: I hear a lot of people saying these are balanced or somehow neutral sounding. Well, I have to disagree. I think the treble and the highs on these are too emphasized and can sometimes get too harsh. The bass is nice and well extended, not overwhelming or bleeding. Mid range is great with clear vocals, overall sound stage is wide with clear notes and great instrument separation. I think these excel on Electronic, R&B or Indie music, at least from what I hear. Now, when I said the M6 Pro are source sensitive, I found them to be producing a totally different sound signature when using different sources. In my opinion, these actually don't like overpowering sources like the One M8 that has an internal amp or the laptop, they sound best when connected to the iPod touch or the Sansa Clip, funny. All in all, I would say they sound great, the burn-in process is crucial to reduce some of the harshness of the treble (it definitely worked for me!) and once they're all burned in and you get the right fit, they produce a very "head shaking" and fun sound signature, great for working our, etc.
I would rate the sound 8/10.
In conclusion, the Meelectronics M6 Pro are a great buy whether you are an artist on the go, someone who appreciates good sound while working out or on your daily commute.
They have decent value for money. I say it's decent since the competition is crazy on the $50 price range and I'm not so sure if the price tag fits them or not. In any case, this is by all means a fair price for what you get.
Hope this helps some of you folks considering purchasing the M6 Pro.
Oh yeah, I know my English is so-so, I'm not a native English speaker so, ya know..
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  Does anyone know where can these be purchased (online) in Europe? Amazon uk has them listed but only for the next 1 or 2 months...

You can purchase them directly from Meelec's website, they offer international shipping at very reasonable prices:
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Would like to note I ordered these from their site, and got lucky enough to find a coupon code for 10$ OFF! Code is BUY_AGAIN (even though it's my first purchase there). Ended up getting them cheaper at ~49$ (internationally SHIPPED!) than Amazon uk would charged without shipping (I would pay like 6£ for Portugal shipping there).
What a bargain, thanks for the tip.
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If anyone interested, Meelec S6P is on sale thru 03/18 for $19.99 using coupon "SPRINGS6P" with free US shipping and $2.95 OFF intl shipping.......
http://www.meelec.com/Sport_Fi_S6P_Earphone_Workout_Package_p/ep-sf6p-rdbk-mee.htm (grn/blk too)
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Man do I like these. No burn-in and they sound just great.
About the tip subject, I'd like to point something out I consider very important: much like the old M6, I found that the best listening experience with these, out of the box, is using the double flanges. Note: NOT the triple, but the double flanges.
Now, those don't seem that will be your fit at first, but I find them to be very comfortable. I normally use medium-sized tips for most IEMs, and I fit the included medium Comply and also the medium single flange tips comfortably. Double flanges end up fitting pretty much as medium single flanges with an added layer of isolation out of the ear canal (from the bigger, outside flange). With these tips, I actually still manage to fit the entire M6 Pro+tip snugly on the inside of my ear cup. I think the fact they keep the driver at a very specific distance from my tympanum might be the culprit of my perceived better balance with these. If you can't fit doubles snugly with, you might not get the experience I have. YMMV greatly. Maybe try the triple flanges instead, that might work for you.
In any case, double flange use brings to me the best of both worlds: 
- you don't get the abused bass from the Comply Isolation (maybe with the Comfort model that would not be so noticeable);
- nor the proximity to the ear canal of the driver (which also induces stronger bass due to air displacement being more compressed);
- not even the hit or miss of the Comply bad-insertion-bug (a problem I find in comply tips where even with all care following recommended procedures of inserting foam tips, sometimes they will still cover the sound shaft, 50% of the times)
- and Complys take very long to insert, these are almost instant-wear. BONUS!
- you still get great but not exaggerated isolation, and this all translates to the clear, balanced and and distributed sound I found to love on the M6.
As a side note, I find that these bring slightly more clarity than the M6, and maybe a better soundstage. They also sem to be lower impedance (don't have the spec sheet open right now to confirm that), but they definitely sound much louder (on the clear/white cable). 
IGNORE: As a (VERY) negative note, using the clear/chrome cable with mic/volume control makes the M6 Pro sound SO TINY to the point they become like 2 dollar headphones. Maybe I have a defective cable, but if this is generalized to all units and related with the electronics of the mic/in-line volume rocker, I will be very disappointed :S  (I'm waiting for a reply on the issue). EDIT: Long story short, this was 50% user error 50% customer support error. THIS CABLE IS ONLY SUPPOSED TO WORK PROPERLY ON PROPER JACK SLOTS (e.g. cellphones and small form factor laptops with combined stereo+mic/button jack). I emailed Meelectronics oblivious to this fact I knew but seemed to forget, and they also didn't notice or point it out to me, so it's a two-way error. They made me cut the wire so they would send me one free (this is the norm on distance sales and would hav been 100% correct customer support... if not for the fact they missed to point out it was user error!). I did cut the wire then immediately remembered the fact (such a DUH! moment for me). I mischievously kept the act  (yet acknowledging it was also their bad... I just cut the cable after all) and dropped them the picture, they sent me a new cable and it is currently in transit. This was a total waste of time triggered by me and catalyzed by Meelec's customer support.
Remember: the mic+volume cable is only supposed to work properly on devices that support three-stripped mini jacks! Or else you have to adjust the jack a bit outside the slot to get decent audio in a normal slot.
And I know it's a promotion bundle, but they could have let user-choice for the free Comply SIZE - after all, if this is supposed to be marketing, they might as well have the user pick a size that will work best for him, inducing him to like them more and buy the next pair. Same can be said for the Comply model - Isolation is not everyone's cup of tea, especially on (slightly) bass-inclined phones like the M6.
The clear/white rubbery cable is great though and really makes them shine.
Mind that these are impressions from a week old pair with moderated use, and I'm no professional, nor do I have much premium-graded gear. So take my listening experience with a grain of salt. EDIT: the cable issue mess proves this :D
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thanks for the mini review and the discount code.i was looking for one for ages but couldnt find anything that work.
I like you wanted to get them from amazon uk but i have ordered from their own website before so dont mind going their. 
how do u find wire part of the cable? im sure it was the M6's i had before and i just couldnt get used to the memory wire so i cut it out.

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