M2Tech Evo DAC 192/32 - anyone hear it yet?
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Mar 22, 2010
I came across this DAC on a website, specs here:
192/32 digital-to-analog converter


192kHz, 32 bits conversion, 32 bit I2S connection for use with hiFace Evo, coaxial S/PDIF and optical Toslink connections for compatibility, single-ended analog output on gold plated RCA, same form factor as hiFace Evo and Evo Supply, can be powered by Evo Supply or by the wall adaptor included in the package.


Evo DAC is a cost-effective digital-to-analog converter capable of 192kHz/32bits operation when driven on its I2S input. 192kHz/24bits operation is available on its coaxial S/PDIF input, while 96kHz/24bits can be achieved when using the legacy Toslink input, included for compatibility towards many digital sources. The best way to operate Evo DAC is in partnership with the hiFace Evo to play hi-rez files from a computer. By connecting the two units in I2S with a CAT-5 straight cable, a virtually zero-jitter chain is implemented, from the computer to the DAC, for unbelievable sonic results by such an affordable solution. Evo DAC is a great unit even when used as a normal DAC by driving it on its S/PDIF input: the receiver’s great performance in reducing the jitter leads to sonic results which are unexpected by equipment in this price range. Polypropylene capacitors and a low noise, low distortion opamp on the output buffer exalt the performance of the conversion IC. A modular system, based on an Evo DAC, an hiFace Evo and an Evo Supply, eventually built during time, makes for a nearly hi-end digital source at an affordable price!


Size: 105(w) x 46(h) x104(d) mm
Weight: 350g (approx.)
Sampling Frquencies (kHz): 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192
Resolution (bits): up to 32 (I2S), up to 24 bits (S/PDIF)
Inputs: I2S on 8-ways RJ-45, S/PDIF on RCA, S/PDIF on Toslink
Outputs: single-ended line level on RCA
Output voltage: 2.7Vrms
THD+N: 0.002 @ 1kHz, 0dBFS
SNR: 118dB (A weighted)
Supply voltage: 9V
Supply current: 350mA
Price seems reasonable depending where you look. The thing that stands out to me the most though is the use of an ethernet connection for an I2S connection, if you have a usb to SPDIF that has an ethernet I2S connection. But it sounds like a good start.
Other than that I can't really find much information about this DAC or any reviews.

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