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M1060 mod

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Dawnrazor, Jan 30, 2019.
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  1. Dawnrazor
    Been an audiophile for 20 years but new to headphones. Bought the M565 then the M1060 mkii. Having had Magnepans for most of my audiophile days the M1060 is the kind of sound I like. Lots of negatives about the highs but maybe they really did fix it because while I had to upgrade other parts of my system to get it to sound the way I wanted, my conclusion is that they are just revealing and if you feed it well it will respond.

    Anyhow like 16 years ago I slapped some dynamat on the pole pieces to my Magnepans and that transformed the sound. The idea I had at the time was that the pole pieces were metal and either acted as or held the magnets. So any kind of ringing would make the magnets move and thus the driver. So that mod really cleaned up the images and you could just hear a lot more. Much more resolving.

    So why not do the M1060s since they have a similar arrangement. Anyhow how dynamatted the back of the driver ( part under the outside grills) and the grill itself:

    I also removed the foam.

    It sounded super clear and the bass was tighter. Soundstage was a bit larger and the center images were moved forward. Picture an oval soundstange in front of you and pushing on the center so the images comes forward and the sides go out a bit. It was sooo much cleaner. Maybe too clean as some songs were just too much in the highs. Its not really a brightness or sibilance it was just clearer and more energy in the highs.

    Its also possible because it was so much cleaner now that the distortion cues were gone so I was listening louder. Or more likely I just didnt like removing the foam. But I had a glimpse of the potential and the clarity so I couldlnt go back to the foam. I did the paper towel mod and man this headphone is awesome now. Its just super clean but not sterile. You hear everything but you can listen for hours. Sure bad recordings are still pretty bad, but great recordings come alive.

    The bass is tighter. That might be a problem for some. But I dig fast accurate bass and really like this mod for what it did to the bass and the rest of the sound. Along the same lines instruments with attack like cymbals are now quicker and more intense and more realistic.

    I am interested in doing the front of the driver and changing pads but I don't reallly know what pads will work besides the Vegan pads. I think some Dekonis will work but didnt see any velor just leather or fenestrated or hybrids. What is the go to pad for the 1060s now?

    Also I looked at most of the mods and didnt see anyone doing this with the dynamat so I figured I would share. If I missed a similar mod my apologies.

    Anyhow its a great mod and worth the effort!
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2019
  2. Dawnrazor
    Had some more time to listen and man this mod rocks. Without the normal distortion cues its like you are not listening to headphones...ok the images are soooo small its not realistic but thats every headphone. With this mod its sooo clean and liquid. Its like nothing is in the way of the music! And its reversable if you don't dig it. Lol I have been hassled for all the singing I have been doing...

    Will be wrapping up with some cosmetic mods and maybe tackle the front of the driver if I can figure out replacement pads.
  3. Cruelhand Luke
    You planning on doing a similar mod to the m565?
    I just bought a set and I'm curious if there are any mods out there for them...I really like them so far, but if they can be made even better I would love to know how.
  4. Dawnrazor
    Hey Luke. Yeah just bought my 2nd pair of 565s and YES I will be doing that among other things if I can get to the back of the driver. Never seen anyone take one apart. Pretty sure you just remove the velcro and it will be obvious.

    One mod I did that was more of a comfort mod was to put some Dekoni angled pads over the stock pads. It makes it more comfy and angled and gets you a bit further away.

    I think most planars take a jump up in sound quality if you can run them balanced. At least the 1060s did and fwiw I am going to try to get the 565s to match the 1060s or at least get as close as I can. If you have a balanced source I recommend getting 2 of the Behringer P1s and run dual mono. Sets you back about $100. But man those amps running on batteries are super super clean and yet arent boring. And have plenty of drive for the 565s.

    FWIW I think they listened to the criticism of the 1060s and over reacted on the 565. Those stock pads have a super thick material in the middle that really roll things off. The trick will be to remove that and still have a pleasant sound. FWIW if you have good sources and amps you can listen without pads and not bleed. But I wouldnt want to do that with say a phone driving the 565s.

    Unlike the 1060s I will have two of the 565s so I can be a bit more thorough. Man I wish you could hear these 1060s.
  5. Dawnrazor
    84B428FD-DC74-43DC-BF1A-33FD578BD089.jpeg Ok the mod is great and really ups the resolution. Infact it may be too resolving.

    I know right. Too resolving? Well it is in the bass. Things are just super tight and resolving but missing some slam. I actually like it this way but others may not. I dialed it back to get some more slam back

    My theory is that bass is muddied by equipment and wires but that is what we all hear and are used to that. Like we all grew up drinking muddy water. Someone hands us pure water and omg its missing all the grit and cloudyness of “real” water so we dont like it.

    So i dialed things back a bit to get some of the normal bloat or slam. So start with the pictured arrangement

    Also in removing one strip at a time i realized that I like this much better without grills
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2019
  6. bluesaint
    by the way your mod images are not showing up, so its hard to see it :)
  7. Dawnrazor
    Check it now and thanks
  8. Dawnrazor
    My impressions after listening most of the day is that the bass is a perfect blend of slam and resolution. Everything else seems to be about the same. So its a win.

    Though I think the grills really hurt things. Been listening without them and its much much better. Now I need to figure out how to protect things and not ruin the sound since I probably cant go back to the grills. Though I have an idea...
  9. DrSchnickistein
    Hmmm... Interesting. I might do something similar but try to combine this mod with fazor and thermolam fleece instead of paper towels. I'm also working on just a ring sans grill made of el cheapo carbon fiber to clamp some cloth if you're interested.
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2019
    Dawnrazor likes this.
  10. Dawnrazor
    Yeah that would be interesting. Do try it as it makes a big difference.

    I am ditching the paper towel and the grill sort of. Plan to just make it removeable so I can remove when in use and reattach when i put ti away. Though i will try a trick that might make it sound ok in place.
  11. Dawnrazor
    I remembered when I had my Magnepans setup that in one house there were 2 windows behind the speakers. They always sounded way better when I opened the windows. Removing the grill has the same effect. Its soooo open without them.

    Also I have some other materials on the way to try in addition or in place of the dynamat. But man its working really well now.
  12. Dawnrazor
    How are the rings coming?
  13. DrSchnickistein
    I just came back from Manila. Well, I'm in my office right now. I'll design them once I get back home. How big do you want the openings to be on the rings by the way? If they fit right, I'll send them over to be cnc cut on carbon fiber :D
    Dawnrazor likes this.
  14. DrSchnickistein
    Here are the rings. It comes in two flavors. One with rounded edges and one with simple flat ring shape.


    I'm currently uploading the .dwf file to Armattan Productions. I'll post a link to the CNC cut carbon fiber once they finish it :)
  15. Dawnrazor
    looks good. Out of curiosity, why are they rounded? The original ones are flat. Is that cosmetic, acoustic or some other reason?
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