M-Audio Studiophile Q40 - overhyped trash!!!
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Mar 11, 2012
- First a Disclaimer:
These are advertised as portable cans, but I assure you, they are not in the slightest sense portable. Even folded up they are quite big. Calling the Q40 portable would be stretching the truth too far.
- End Disclaimer
First of, even though they are large, I found them to fit my small head comfortably. The earpads look cheap, but they feel superb. the padding on the headband is also great and exerts no pressure on my glasses  I don't sweat or feel fatigued wearing these.
The sound, out of the box is wonderful. This is close to my ideal sound signature with deep bass, clear mids and smooth treble. I could wear and listen to these all day long without fatigue, unless something catastrophic happened. Something catastrophic like the headphones being constructed like cheap trash!!!
I've had two pairs of these headphones in less than a week, with the aid of Amazon Prime, and they both had badlyscratched headbands and destroyed boxes. Some of the worst packaging I've ever seen in my entire life!!!
Both broke int he same fashion: the left earcup stopped working. "Hey, I thought, I'll just replace the cable"
I tried this cable:
and this cable:
Both fit, but the left side didn't produce any sound, only crackling. I've tried several computers, mp3 players, and my ps3 and nothing worked!!!
"Built like tanks" my !$#!!! More like "built like %*&@!!!"
I'm returning these to Amazon and waiting for the V-Moda Crossfade M-100 to come out. I'll keep listening to my ATH-M50 in the meantime.
If the M-100s disappoint me, I'm never buying American-made headphones again!!!
Epic failure - Head-fi and M-Audio!! EEEPPPIC FAAAIILLURREE!!!!! 

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