M-audio Studiophile Q40 Needs Repair
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New Head-Fier
Sep 13, 2009

My studiophile left ear started to sound a little muffed, so i took a closer look at it, to notice that there was a dent in the inner metal casing, so there's me thinking it would be a easy repair. I cut open the shield protecting it, pulled it out, tried to fix the dent, put it back in and now there's no sound coming out of the left ear. I haven't pulled any wire's but i want to get it repaired instead of shedding out another £100

Does anyone know where i can repair these headphones, i lost the box for the headphones, so there's no serial numbers or any sorts of proof. I tried contacting m-audio but they don't seem to have a authorized repair center in the UK. I don't mind sending it over sea just as long it's at a reasonable price for shipping & repair.

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