M-AUDIO STUDIOPHile AV40, Acoustic Energy Aego M, Audioengine A5
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Jul 10, 2009
I have to decide between those three. Actually A5 is in another category for me because it is more expensive. Will the cost difference worth between A5 and the others? Can you help me about the choice between AV40 and Aego M too? I only want to listen music and the important thing is clarity, naturality and balance in the music. I hate speakers that over emphasise bass. Thank you.
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You can also try the T-amp with the above mentioned bookshelf speakers.
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Yeah, partsexpress sells a t-amp for $40-ish. Very good sounding setup. It will amaze you for the $$.
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Ah, well the M-Audio are very decent for the money. Better than the Acoustic energy as far as midrange is concerned. You will want to add a subwoofer someday though.

The A5s need a subwoofer too by the way.
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Originally Posted by spacemanspliff /img/forum/go_quote.gif
The A5s need a subwoofer too by the way.

I heard the A5s sound worse with a subwoofer.
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I heard the A5s sound worse with a subwoofer.

Depends on the sub, the problem is that these bookshelf speakers have entire chunks of the frequency range missing, where the bass and deep bass are nonexistent without a subwoofer. If you have a good, adjustable subwoofer, it can only add to the experience.
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so what do you guys suggest finally?

Get the best which you can afford. In this case, the A5s. If not the Av40s are ok too.

Audioengine makes a sub to go with the A5s for the same price as the A5s. Get that if you want the easiest road to matching up the sound later on.

Read up on proper setup of speakers and possible room treatments. SOmething like this:


Feel free to ask any ?s. Plenty of us here have been through the process already and like to help.
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I have a pair of AV40s at work as computer speakers. They are small enough and have a nice, warm sound, with a bit of bass hump. If the problem is space and cost, they are decent, much better than anything you'll find in computer stores (logitech and the like). Of course, they are small and a couple of good bookshelves with a decent receiver will be better. I just could not have a hifi setup at work (no room!).

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