M-Audio IE-20 XB vs. Ultimate Ears Super.fi 5 EB (or some other IEM for bass)
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May 28, 2009
Currently I use Cowon s9 and Sennheiser ie4. Music styles are alternative rock (Linkin Park, P.O.D. etc.), drum'n'bass, breaks. Plus a bit of house and r'n'b.

I want to improve my listening experience and buy new headphones with great bass and clear mids and highs. Search through the net brought out that Ultimate Ears Super.fi 5 EB is likely the most suitable for me.

But I can't find them in Russia!
Nevertheless I can buy M-Audio IE-20 XB which (as I found in several articles) are just rebranded Super.fi 5 EB and have the same sound.
Amazon.com: M-Audio IE-20 Professional Reference In-Ear Monitors with Extended Bass: Musical Instruments

[size=small]So, my main questions are:[/size]
1. Are they really equal? Can I read reviews and opinions for Super.fi 5 EB and apply them for M-Audio IE-20 XB?
2. May be you can advise me some other IEMs to fit my requirements about sound and price (in a similar price as UE Super.fi 5 EB)?

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If you're looking for something in that price range, the Atrio M5s and Monster Turbines are also contenders.
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They are the same. The M-Audio is just a rebranded version. I have the IE-40's and they are the same as Triple.Fi's except for the paint job. X2 on the turbines and M5's. The JVC HP-FX500's and Denon C751's are also contenders.
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Thanks for your answers, guys!

I've already heard about Turbines, but Monster doesn't officially import them in Russia. I can't also find JVC HP-FX500 and FutureSonics Atrio M5 (only M3, which are worse considering their lower index
Denon C751 are available but their price is about 80$ higher here...

So I think I'll go forward with M-Audio IE-20 XB, especially as they are the same as good IEMs from major manufacturer.
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Originally Posted by shigzeo /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I believe that M3, M5 and M8 are the same earphone, just differing colour variants of the same model.

Yes, I read a lot of reviews and forums about Atrios and already understood it
M9 are also available in red


Originally Posted by shigzeo /img/forum/go_quote.gif
They are very good, but 270$ is a lot of money.

I agree too... Especially if compare this price with amazon's 180$ and other.
But russian audio market is a real shame. Range of goods is very poor, for example, there are only two kinds of players on the most part of russia: iPod and some_cheap_noname_crap.
If you want something special, you should pay for it. Actually I paid about 400$ for my Cowon s9 16 Gb - it is much more than its real price too.

But I find new attractive features of Atrios with every article I read, especially that they have the same sound quality on the low sound level. I listen music about 5 - 6 hours every day on my work. It is quiet room, so I don't need loud sound, but I have to increase sound a bit to make my sennheiser ie4 sound better.
Atrios sound quality on loud and low levels, nice case in the package and other features strengthen my confidence in them

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