M-Audio Bx5a or Swans D1080MkII
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Aug 3, 2007
To start off I've found these speakers for almost the exact same price. I would like to know that given the same price (slightly below 200...yes I'm bitter newegg no longer carries swans), what is the better purchse? They will be used for gaming, movies and music....so all around. I must admit, I'm a basshead...but I don't need it to be overwhelming as my college room is 10' x 9'...but next year my room will be bigger 16' x 10'.

In order of importance I'll say music>movies>games. Lows and mids are of primary importance to me; I worry that these 2 speaker system will not satisfy my bass desires as opposed to the swan m10 - 2 speakers and a subwoofer.

My sound card from my computer is pretty basic...i will most likely use my Meizu mp3 player as it probably outputs better SQ than my computer. I'll also be using my television. Is the hookup to these speaker systems pretty easy?

I look forward to reading your opinions.
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A third choice I've looked at is the Alesis Monitor One MkII. These are the 300 retail ones...not the more expensive alesis m1 active mkii.

This is unpowered...but the Alesis m1active 520 has an amp and is about 200 as well.

Basically...m-audio, swan or alesis powered 5" woofers or alesis 6.5" woofer but unpowered.
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They are all monitors so bass will be tight but limited in impact. Perhaps get two of the Swan M10 2.1s?
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That's unfortunately what I feared...it'll go down a bit but it won't have the slam of a sub. How strong is the sub of the M10....am I better off going with the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1?

I could always get the bx5's and then later the bx10...but that's more than I want to spend right now.

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