M-Audio BX5a or Audioengine A5?
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May 31, 2009
I'm about to upgrade the audio setup for my computer. I've considered getting an amp/passive speakers but I've decided to spend less for now. I'll spend about $250-300 on some active speakers now, get a USB DAC, headphone amp in the near future and perhaps later sell the active speakers for something more elaborate.

Anyway I've narrowed it down to either the the Audioengine A5, which are apparently very well regarded, or the M-Audio BX5a Deluxe. The A5's would be slightly easier to deal with (one power port, two typical 3.5mm inputs) but I wouldn't put these "advantages" above overall sound quality.

They will be used on a desk, mostly for music (most not bass intensive) and some gaming.
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How much space will you have behind the speakers? Both the A5 and BX5a are rear ported. They'll need enough space behind them so the rear port doesn't get bloomy. My BX8a speakers get bloomy if I place them too close to the wall.

Otherwise front ported speakers might be a better choice.
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That should be plenty of space behind the speakers. I ended up putting 4" thick ATS Acoustics panels behind my BX8a monitors to tame a slight bass bloom because of the rear wall.

I've not listened to the A5 so I can't comment on how the two speakers compare. I've only listened to the BX5a (not the deluxe) at a Guitar Center so again not an ideal listening comparison.
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i'm not familiar with the a5's but the m-audios put out some good bass and mids (ample power for most)
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try and test them both is you can.
the bx5a are studio monitors and are made for critical listening to music, in a way they try to make the music sound bad. the audioengines are more for listening to music i think.
i haven't heard either of these speakers though.
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Originally Posted by 12345 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
try and test them both is you can.
the bx5a are studio monitors and are made for critical listening to music, in a way they try to make the music sound bad. the audioengines are more for listening to music i think.
i haven't heard either of these speakers though.

That isn't a fair generalization of studio monitors vs. hi-fi speakers. Studio monitors have a range of sound signatures just like hi-fi speakers do. Some Some can be hyper-accurate and emphasize detail over listening pleasantness. But there are also studio monitors that are not like that. At the price point of monitors like the M-Audio you aren't getting into the hyper-detailed level of monitor.

Sound On Sound did a series of two articles comparing monitors and hi-fi speakers. The conclusions and comments in the articles gives a more general rules of thumb about what differentiates monitors from hi-fi speakers and how they are similar.
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:both are good speakers and you will most likely be happy with either option. i'd say go with whatever is cheaper, your wallet will thank you
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I agree with Daidalas, a friend of mine has the BX5As which he is quite happy with although I haven't had a chance to hear them yet, I trust his audio related advice.

On the other hand, I love my A5s, so really, whichever one you can get for less or whichever one seems sexier to you, go for it!
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If you have a chance, try them out somewhere. Both are really good speakers and only you can decide which one's sound you like better.

Or if you don't have a chance to test, go for the cheaper on as others have said.

On a related note you can get 10% off of your Audioengines with coupon PBC10 if you order from the site.
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I don't mean to be a dick, but if the OP had a chance to compare them on site - wouldn't you assume he would do so?

He's asking for folks who have actual experience comparing both. Or, he's looking for people that currently own one of these speaker sets and hoping for them to state their opinions.

Like I said, I don't intend to be a prick (I love this community), but it irks me something fierce when a fellow member says to another: "...test them both and make your own decision".

Very impractical and well, completely illogical.

Sorry guys. Vent over. Love this place. Just expecting a bit more common sense.
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I'm leaning towards getting the A5 myself soon as i'm growing weary of the Insignia(Best Buy house brand) p.c. speakers which sound like poop the more I think about it ...
Also kind of enticed by the KRK offerings at about the same cost ...
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I had the M-Audios for a few days and they sounded great but after reading all the stories about the high failure rate on their forums I returned them and picked up a pair of Yamaha HS50Ms. The Yamahas have a much less bass but they are nice and clear unfortunately they cost a bit more than the M-Audios. I was going to order the A5s but I got a really good deal on the Yamaha's from a local store. If I was in your situation I would probably go for the A5s.

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