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LZ A6/A6 mini discussion and review thread

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  1. thejoker13
    I'm sure that most are familiar with the LZ (Lao Zhong) brand by now. They have produced several highly regarded iem's, such as the A4 and Big Dipper, but may have just made the biggest price to performance champion in all of the portable audio landscape in the A6. Let's discuss them!!

    The LZ A6 is a 6 driver tri-brid, with a dynamic driver for the lows, and quad BA's for the mids, and with a piezoelectric driver for the treble. They also have an impedance button, called a loud button, as well as 9 filters to change their sound signature.
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  2. alvinlim2010
    Do you have the A6 mini for comparison? I have ordered it and its on the way
  3. thejoker13
    1107192254c.jpg 1107192256.jpg
    Here's my pair of A6's, paired with an Electro accousti cable and with Final Audio type E tips.
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  4. thejoker13
    I don't yet, but plan on ordering it soon. I believe @peter123 just got the mini, and also owns the A6, so hopefully he can share his thoughts.
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  5. Cuebbing
    Interesting how you can order the A6 as a 2 Pin or MMCX.
    Can someone provide their impressions of the LZ A6 vs the BQEYZ Spring1 ?
  6. 1clearhead
    ...I'm in! :sunglasses::thumbsup:

    The LZ A6mini is a 2-way driver hybrid per-side, with a dynamic driver for the lows and MID's, and a piezoelectric driver for the treble.

    These are the "mini-me" of the A6 flagship reigning king!

    -Clear :beerchug:
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2019
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  7. pufftissue
    I am concerned about the isolation and the fit. I have heard they are below average in both regards. Can anything be done regarding the isolation? I don’t need etymotic levels but I want at least average levels.

    As for the current price to performance ratio wouldn’t the audiosense t800 be neck and neck?

    would be interested to know if anyone could compare these lz a6 to either the andromeda or Flc8s for me.
  8. thejoker13
    Welcome to the club Clear, lol! I should definitely edit the title of this thread so that it's an A6/A6 mini discussion thread. I need to order those little buggers and compare the father and son duo.
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  9. pufftissue
    When did the lz a6 and a6 mini come out? I thought they were a bit older. Or did I finally catch the wave earlier this time?
  10. thejoker13
    I know that fit will vary from ear to ear, but for me they fit perfectly and isolate very, very well. I use Final Audio type E tips and get excellent isolation. The included tips are very soft and flimsy and are very difficult to get a good seal. I really believe that's why there are some reports of poor isolation and some sibilance. I get neither of those issues, just by using different tips.
    I also have owned the flc8s previously, and now own the flc8n and there's not much of a comparison in my opinion. The A6 just plays on another level in technicalities and tonality.
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2019
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  11. thejoker13
    They have been out a bit, but weren't discussed very much until recently, whenever some members here got them and began to talk more about them. So far, they are a somewhat undiscovered gem.
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  12. thejoker13
    Also, the price to performance will always end up being a personal preference deal. If someone hates a certain signature, it won't matter to them if it cost 10 bucks for 100 bucks, they still wouldn't want to use it. For instance, I know alot of people are in love with the T800, but I just couldn't get into them in the very short time I got to audition them (less than 20 minutes). So for me, their 300 asking price isn't the greatest deal, because I found the bass to be too much and somewhat bloated, for my preference.
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  13. shampoosuicide
    Hey joker, thanks for creating this thread! I recall seeing you in the Fearless tour thread, and was wondering if you had a chance to compare the S8 Freedom to the A6?
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  14. alvinlim2010
    Since i have the LZ A4 too, when the A6 mini is here, I shall try with the other filters as well
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  15. Cuebbing
    Agreed, thank you.
    Also, have you had a chance to compare the Fearless Roland to the LZ A6?
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