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  1. Holypal
    store address is:

    No. 1 Coleman St, The Adelphi, #04-16Singapore 179803Contact No: 6268 6104
    Opening Hours:

    Monday-Saturday: 12pm to 7.30pmClosed on Public Holidays
  2. FastAndClean
    Very nice curve and the driver matching is excellent
  3. TimeSnow
    That curve looks better than the A4.

    I think the main thing 'wrong' with the A4s - well the only things I'd want to fix - is the recessed low mids, and the quality of the high frequency stuff. I'm a huge fan of the A4s as most people know, but if those two things were improved I'd be over the moon.
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  4. griff06
    Thank you very much for your response ill check them out

  5. Ahmad313
    A5 is available now on DD shop for $279.00, don't know why it is $10 expensive than the actual price ,
  6. Ahmad313
    You can use EQ to fix that issue ,
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  7. TimeSnow
    The low mid issue yes, but not the treble thing.

    I use EQ with mine every day btw., and they take eq really well, so it's not a bad suggestion. :)
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  8. audioIQ
    Personally I've always had a subpar experience with Chi-Fi, But I've never tried LZ.... Magaosi K3 pro is pretty fun but is quite lacking in detail/staging/accuracy. Magaosi k5 is flawed from the start with subpar clarity, horrible cable, sensitivity issues albeit really good fit, I find myself not using it alot. KZ ZS5 were just unbearable for me. I've found all these IEM's quite lacking in finesse/coherence/detail/imaging/refinement when compared to well know brands like Shure/Westone/JH. But I've been reading up on the LZ-A4 and big dipper, and I've decided to give LZ-A5 a go, Especially after the good reviews of Big Dipper, it seems like they know what they're doing. They're not just another DIY setup.
  9. originalsnuffy
    I own two "chifi" units and like both quite a bit. The LZ-A2 is my budget pair and still sound good. The FLC8S are quite wonderful.

    I liked the Lz-A4 but not enough to replace the A2 pair.

    I am definitely interested in new units coming from LZ and FLC. Brooko and NMatheis, among others, probably have a huge list of "chifi" units that are quite good.
  10. audioIQ
    Yeah, I think my choices weren't good to begin with. Theres alot of praise for the a4, big dipper and FLC8S amongst others. Hence I'm going to give it another go with the A5.
  11. DBaldock9
    I've got two $100+ IEMs - the $150 LZ A4 (promotional price) and the $167 HotFi, 2016 2DD / 2BA (30017) (no longer available).
    The HotFi is the same as the $149 Super Audio 2BA (30017) / 2DD, currently available from the vendor we can't mention on Head-Fi.
    Even though the HotFi does not have tunable backs or nozzles, it sounds very much like the LZ A4 (with the Black back) to me. Note: My hearing only goes out to 13KHz or 14KHz these days.

    Two things were were holding me back from ordering the Big Dipper - 1.) Price (and ability to return/exchange); 2.) Amount of Bass from an all BA IEM.
    I do like the ability to have extra Bass, with the Red back on the A4, and I think that some early reports are that the A5 Bass is between the A4 Red & Black backs.
    So I'm looking forward to seeing comparisons, here on Head-Fi, of the Bass for the A5, A4, and the Big Dipper.
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  12. Radec
    I'm torn between the LZ A5 and the FLC 8s. I absolutely loved my LZ A4 but over time I did tend to dislike the mid-bass hump with the black back filter (or lack of bass with the blue back filter) and the somewhat uneven treble response with a lot of the nozzle filters.
  13. Bubblejuice
    I would also keep in mind the FLC8s "replacement" that is also coming out soon. The FLC8n. It will have a metal housing, a more 3rd party compatible dual pin connector, and new/better BA drivers (all of this is what I've understood from the FLC8s thread). Although the price is about $100 more, it's only $50 more than the FLC8s new MSRP (FLC8n will be $355, FLC8s is now $300).

    I think that would be a more interesting comparison with the LZ-A5s, since I've seen the A4s compared to the FLC8s quite often.
  14. 1TrickPony
    I'd refrain from buying immediately, it seems like an exciting time for mid - fi range iems. I'm curious in reading up on the upcoming it04 as well.

    I did remember being impressed by the resolution of the flc8s especially the mids (A whole level above the LZ-A4) and the highs were accentuated just right. The lower mids on the flc8s felt too hollowed out in my experience...
  15. Lidson Mendes Br
    I'm also hoping to pull the trigger on LZ A5, IT04 looks very interesting and I already had a FLC8s which is a good EMI.

    Maybe pull the trigger on IT01 at the moment and a better DAP, cruel doubt.
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