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  1. Nezzad1
    4 new filters coming out in a few days. All very different than the 4 we previously had. Can't wait to hear them out.

  2. duyu
    One more picture for lows.
  3. Dsnuts Contributor
    From those graphs it looks like LZ has been hard at work to take some of the empahsis off from the upper mids. Guys that wanted something between the grey and black filters. These new filters might be the ticket. This is excellent news. Please update when you guys know how we can purchase the filters.

    In other news. Going on the whole tip aspect of my ongoing optimization of the LZ A5. I am digging deep into my drawers and found another tip from the past that works very well with the A5.


    So earphone vets will know these tips. It is the tips on the upper left of these rows of tips. Monster foams and gel tips.

    The silver ones in the upper left corner are the ones I have on my A5. Excellent due to the nozzle being 3mm and sitting long on the A5 like my AT tips but isolation is now excellent due the foams.
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  4. Nezzad1
    A5 sounds AMAZING on international (exynos) version of galaxy s9. I was shocked when I heard their DAC. Amp is still average (more than adequate for IEMs tho), but their DAC game has gotten a major upgrade.

    So much that comparing it directly to LG v10, they sound almost identical, super high resolution on both yet s9 comes on top when it comes to producing low frequencies. A pretty decent upgrade over the S8 (same exynos version). I'm loving it. And one more time - didn't expect it at all. Writing this with A5 in my ears, and a smile on my face :)
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  5. PacoBdn
    Hi guys,

    I wanted to share with you my recent experience with my beloved A5.

    I loved its sound but it is true that the upper treble sometimes became a little hard even with the gray filters, which are what I have on.

    I decided to try Comply TSX-200 and my friends, the asperities have disappeared. Now that definitely have a sound absolutely TOP! ¡¡

    I want to publicly thank the people of COMPLY for their quick response to my query about the appropriate measure, since no one from the forum responded to my query.
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  6. Ahmad313
    Anybody here can compare these A5 with the Shockwave 3,
  7. thejoker13
    I've been doing some more tip rolling and find these A5's have great synergy with the FLC8S stock silicone tips. To my ears, this combo has the best synergy I've tried yet. It's like trying a brand new earphone. If anyone else has both earphones, can you try this and share your experience?
  8. DBaldock9
    What does it look like the best discount is going to be on the A5, during the AliExpress Birthday Sale?
    How many different coupons will have to be accumulated and used? :wink:

    EDIT: All I'm seeing on the website, is a few vendors offering them at the SRP of USD$279. I guess I need to check the AliExpress app on my phone/tablet, to see if there are any discounts listed... :ksc75smile:
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2018
  9. Ivan TT
    You can have mine cheaper than that :)
    I'm using Trinity Icarus III exclusively now, so my L5 will have to go, unfortunately..
  10. Bubblejuice
    So unfortunately I kept hearing the left sided weakness. I tried everything. I tried cleaning the filters, changing the filters, changing cables, changing sources, changing tips, I tried different volumes, and I even had 3 other people try them, and they all heard it without me mentioning it had that issue.

    I contacted LZ and they said it's probably an issue with the DD driver, which makes sense for what I'm hearing. They said it's most likely due to humidity or dust (more likely dust in AZ, but I still baby these). Apparently they let the 3rd parties handle customer service, so repair is really not an option. They were pretty short with me on that regard which is a bit disappointing.

    Anyways, Amazon said they could only refund me. It sucks because I really really liked these IEMs, but I don't want to get another pair to have them fail a year down the line when amazon can no longer help. :/ Hopefully you guys/gals have better luck with that.
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2018
  11. Mdclol
    Ouch. I wish I had seen your original post so I could also chime in sooner. I had the same problem recently, except with the right IEM. After contacting Amazon they delivered a replacement set the very next day.

    I love their sound, and oh man.. The A5's BASS AND MIDS! With a small EQ cut at 5k and grey filters I was in bliss with any genre.

    All was well initially but after a session listening to some Clapton, LedZep & Hiatus Kaiyote, the problem came back with a vengeance. First the volume imbalance between L&R but now on the left. A short while later both of them went quieter. Crap. In my case, I still felt great bass, which led me to believe the DD was fine. With how mechanically simple drivers(coils, magnets, electromagnetism) are, I'm inclined to think it's a cold solder joint somewhere between BA's and the crossover. Tried different cables, sources, interfaces, heck even ears! Nothing fixed it. And it was an obvious imbalance. Out of the realm of letting our body and ears equalize and get "used to it" before calling it quits for good.

    It seems we've now had a case of 3+ LZ-A5's experiencing the same issue. Truly a shame that LZ doesn't want to deal with customers directly. Amazon told me they will stop selling A5's if the manufacturer can't get it together, so it seems we aren't the only ones to file a claim.

    Moving forward, I am quite content with my FLC8S purchase that @thejoker13 turned me onto. It didnt have that same initial "WOW!" reaction I got with the LZ-A5, and its because the A5 placed too much emphasis on certain parts of the spectrum. This over-emphasis contributed to that immediate wow effect. But it can lead to listening fatigue in some users and with some recordings or genres unless EQ'd down. At least EQ'ing down is better than up. The FLC8S on the other hand does no wrong sonically. The plastic build quality, while being tiny and lightweight, leaves something to desire. But then again, I wasn't compaining about Westone's being plastic 6 years ago. Chi-fi has definitely spoiled us!

    Sorry to the folks who pulled the trigger. May your units be eternally balanced and free of defects.

    To the ones still considering the A5 after the massdrop fail pricing, remember that defects occur in all products. But we have to align our purchases with businesses who have our best interests in mind.
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  12. taz23
    I am sorry to hear about defects in some units.

    I will continue to listen to the AT using LZ's 8 braid copper cable while it lasts... Sounds nice to me out of the Sony ZX300.

    Looking forward to more news about the new filters.
  13. bhazard
    My A5's also cut out now, right side driver, multiple cables. Same thing happened with my A4.

    I don't think I would purchase another MMCX LZ IEM, as this is consistent now. Shame because I love the sound of the A4 and A5.
  14. Dsnuts Contributor
    Oh wow seems durability and QC is in question on the LZ front. That is a shame.

    Been listening to my pair almost every day now. Love the sound but will have to baby them if durability is in question here.
  15. originalsnuffy
    Those new filters look appealing. If LZ can help provide some assurances relative to reliability (some of the issues on this page) or work out some kind of factory support I would consider purchasing these (again).

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