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  1. ChrisHeld1989
    Hi there! I want to ask what changes when i buy a cable with a higher impedance? My A5 with grey filters sound a little bit "grainy?"! I dont know how to discribe this. Compared to my SW3 the A5 sounds like sandpaper, a little bit rough. My SW3 sounds crystal clear but unfortuanly it has the sibilance issue. I wish the A5 would sound so clear/clean like the SW3. Also the seperation and the soundstage is much better on the SW3. Do i have a fake A5 or only the wrong cable or maybe the wrong player? My player is an onkyo dp-s1 (A5 on balanced-output) and the cable fiio rc-mmcx2b (balanced) which has very thin cables. Should i buy a thick balanced copper cable for the A5 and what changes soundwise? Sorry for my bad english! ^^"
  2. phthora
    I am no expert, but here is my understanding (and hopefully someone will correct me if I am wrong):

    Cable impedance adds to impedance of the source when figuring out proper damping. So, for example, an earphone with an impedance of 8 ohm on a source with an output impedance of 1 ohm will meet the minimum 8:1 ratio for proper electrical damping. Meaning, with an earphone impedance at least 8 times that of the source there will be no changes in the FR. If you swap out a cable for one with an impedance 1 ohm higher than the original, then you only have an 8:2 or 4:1 ratio. At that point, there will be some alteration to the frequency response.

    Bottom line: if your new cable keeps you above the 8:1 ratio, your frequency response should stay the same and you may notice less hiss or background noise as well. If falls far below that ratio, 2:1 say, you will notice large dips in db in the frequency response (from the cases I've seen, usually in the upper mids/lower treble, but I'm not sure if that is universal). However, while it will distort your sound, it won't hurt your IEMs. Also, most cables will not have a significant enough impedance to drastically alter the sound, maybe a few db from the middle. Small enough that you may not notice or dislike the change.

    I would recommend a thicker braided cable for IEMs, but only for durability's sake. I doubt there is a measurable change in sound though.
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  3. ChrisHeld1989
    I think i'am satisfied for now. I figured out or i think that the graininess came from the metal-mesh that sits on the nozzle of the filters. I removed the metal-mesh from the grey filter and peeled of the thin white layer. Than i put the layer on the backsite of the grey filter-nozzle. Now the grey nozzle don't have the metal-mesh on it but can filter the sound. I also use the comply tx foamtips with the wax-guard. The highs know slightly tamed and the sound is less grainy and cleaner. I'am very happy now with my A5. :)
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  4. PacoBdn
    Hello friends,
    Can you tell me what model / measure of Comply I need for our dear A5?
    At home I have the TSX400 that I use in Ibasso IT01 but they fall because their diameter is too big. I think with them the highs will soften a bit and then they would be perfect for me.

    Thank you very much for your help.
  5. Dsnuts Contributor
    Any word on when LZ will come out with new filters? These are getting raked over the coals on Massdrop from guys that have no idea. But hey its not a good deal on MD. Don't blame the comments on them.
  6. tienbasse
    People (including me) came to comment the pricing, not the item.

    If you're going to propose the same price as with big Chi-Fi merchants, it's not going to sell on MD...
    They sold ZERO unit in one week, the message should be clear enough.
  7. Dsnuts Contributor
    I didn't understand that pricing either. It does LZ no good to sit on a bunch of IEMs people aren't buying so again kind of a weird price for these on MD.
  8. Dsnuts Contributor
    So I got these cables in today. These are high purity 8 core copper cables made by LZ. It would make sense that LZs own upgraded cable would actually work well with their own LZ A5. and it sure does. I am happy to report these cables are perfection for the A5. Brings out every little detail and enhances the excellent dynamics of the A5 especially using them in balanced mode. For guys that want to get a clear upgrade for your A5 try these cables. They will be sold on aliexpress from various vendors here real soon for their anniversary sale in 7 days or so for $44ish. For the quality of this cable and how it works well with the A5. Completely worth it. They normally go for $55-65 on the site.

    Also I have been trying just about every type of tip imaginable on the A5 and I discovered something very interesting. The A5 does not work well with wider tips. My go to is the Spiral dots and even with my mod and fitting on the A5 perfectly I noticed the Spiral Dots makes the treble more splashy which is not what the A5 needs. Then I tried more narrow tips, Sony hybrids and even the stock tips provided. Which are knock off hybrids that are even more narrow. I noticed the mids are affected slightly. So again not optimal.

    I tried all sorts of foams and silicones including UEs and I tried a tip I didn't even think about nor do I normally use. Believe it or not the tip that made the biggest difference for me was of all tips comes from my Audio Technica earphones.

    2 things I noticed. For one the tip has to sit a bit longer on the nozzle and not shallow. Tips that sit shallow on the nozzle can sound a bit too forward including the treble. So your elongating the nozzle basically. The size of the AT tip height wise is perfect for what I am talking about. Then the tip bore size has to be almost the exact diameter of the nozzle. I would guess at around 3mm. Which the AT tips are. So not wider than the nozzle and not more narrower than or sitting too close to the nozzle.

    Audio Technica tips are pretty much identical for each model. The company uses the same exact tips on every earphone they ever came out with and was one of my biggest problems with Audio Technica. It was a complete surprise to me when I tried these stock tips from AT. If you guys own an AT earphone. Try using one of the silicones from any AT earphone on these.

    I would have never thought that an AT tip would be in fact perfect for me on the A5...I can now stop looking for tips to use on these. Lol. Still on the grey filter by the way.

    So new cable and now that I discovered exactly what type of silicones work best for the A5.. I feel I have gotten the absolute best out of these earphones. If you guys can hear this combo from my Shanling M3s balanced out as I am hearing it right now. It simply sounds stunning.
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2018
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  9. Ahmad313
    have you received the LZ metal box with this cable as i saw in pics on AliExpress , actually I also purchased this cooper cable in silver colour but my cable came in a standard packing not with the box ,

    Last edited: Mar 21, 2018
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  10. duyu
    LZ told me the new filters are tested and ready (almost?). It looks like he had redesigned the filters. I don't know when the filters will be available. Will have you guys updated later.
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  11. Dsnuts Contributor
    Yes I got the same round metal can that comes with the A5 with that brown cable. Nice to have another can to put my cables and iems in. It seems some LZ cables don't come with the can. I have that exact cable you posted a pic of as well and it didn't come with the can.
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2018
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  12. Dsnuts Contributor
    Oh by the way. That brown 8 core cable can be baught with every type of connector and in single ended or balanced. Search out the Woo Cheezy site.
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  13. Ahmad313
    I bought my cable from the same store and now feeling bit disappointed they send me cable without metal can ,
  14. pali
    I bought this cable at penon audio with my LZ A4 for an additional $35 (so my LZ A4 came with the stock cable and this cable together WITHOUT the metal can). I believe penon also sells this cable separately for $55 WITH the metal can. So if you guys bought it closer to $35 then I would not feel disappointed about it. Otherwise, maybe you could contact the seller and request for the can? It's still a really nice sounding and beautiful cable nonetheless!
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  15. Dsnuts Contributor
    Speaking of cables. I mentioned this on my earlier post but Aliexpress will have their anniversary sale in a weeks time.

    Yes my friends it is time to mop up on some cables and accessories. Should be the cheapest day for sales up till 11/11.
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