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  1. Brooko Contributor
    Actually you should be able to do it to the filters without touching the shells. That was how Trinity controlled a lot of their bass - different sized vents in the nozzle filters - then damping for the subsequent mid-range changes.
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  2. 18000rpm
    Where's the best place to buy these online in the US?
  3. gugman
    amazon has it, with fulfilled by amazon option, so you are covered
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  4. 18000rpm
    Ordered, thanks!! This is to replace my Ultimate Ears 900, and before that a few Etymotics. Can't wait to try it out.
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  5. gugman
  6. Dsnuts Contributor
    So I have been enjoying the heck out of my A5 and tweeking the sound a bit using different complys. I went from an oval to a large standard shape. For some reason the oval shape while balancing out the highs also tamed the bass end just a bit too much so I was trying my box full of foams and had one pair of large standard that I have been using. I noticed the main difference between the two foams is that while both have similar wide bore opening the standard one sit longer on the nozzle of the A5, It brings a more forward sound with these including the bass. This by far is the best sounding version of the A5 to my ears. Still using the grey nozzle filters and an 8 core copper cable.

    So it seems not all foam tips will emit the same type of sound. These are very tip dependent so guys that want to shape the sound a bit try this and that and experiment. I am still waiting for my LZ copper balanced cable but will report once I get that to try.
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2018
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  7. expatriot
    Tip dependent and filter dependent. So many varied opinions about these iem's, terrible, just ok, this is a totl iem, etc. etc. I tried black filter followed by grey and ended up actually using the blue with stock tips. For me these are very good, not the best and definitely better then just ok. My best so far are my Earsonics ES3.
  8. Dsnuts Contributor
    I for one am glad LZ gives options on sound tweeking through their filters. I wish there was more selection actually but I think it comes down to preference and how much treble one likes. Which again is a cool thing in my book.
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  9. expatriot
    Oh, I agree with you 100%. I really hope they come out with additional filters for these. I guess I am a treble head and never realized it. The A5's don't sound harsh to me at all even with the blue filters and I never could hear the treble spike on the Fiio F9's. I will be 70 years young in June and spent 13 years active duty in the military, so maybe it finally caught up to me (m16's, helicopters and jet engines) hehe. Time marches on.
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  10. Bubblejuice
    So I've run into a weird issue where my left IEM sound... "weaker" than my right. Like you can hear everything, but there's no power to it, and it's very slightly quieter then the other side. Very similar to having a your ear plugged up with a little water or pressure.

    I went ahead and washed my ear thoroughly (both of them). Still no change. Since I did mod my cable a little, I then I tried to switch the connectors in case the cable may be failing. I put the left MMCX with the right IEM and the right MMCX with the left IEM. Sure the imaging was wonky, but my left IEM still sounded weaker then the right. It's very subtle, but noticeable to me since I use these many hours a day.

    I thought maybe it was my source. So I tried directly from my V20, and then I tried a bluetooth adaptor I got recently, and I still heard it (directly connected to the V20 is more noticeable).

    I'm unsure what it could be. Does anyone know what would be my next step? I think I hear things normally with my headphones and speakers. If it were a dead driver or something, how would it sound?

  11. Nezzad1
    Try changing your filters. Maybe one of them got earwax in or something.
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  12. Bubblejuice
    Oh, great point! I didn't think of that. I did find a little bit of earwax covering about 1/6th of the metal filter.

    Any idea how to make sure the inner cotton-line sound filter lining is free of earwax? Like, can I dip it in alcohol or Hydrogen peroxide to dissolve the earwax or something (just in case)?
  13. expatriot
    When this happens to me it usually is a little earwax in the inside of the tip or on the filter screen.
  14. expatriot
    I forgot to mention that the other day one side was much lower volume and i found out i didn't have my iem securely plugged into my source.
  15. gugman
    Massdrop has A5 for 255$
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