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  1. Brooko Contributor
    The cables not going to change the sound unless it’s much higher impedance. I tried the foam. It doesn’t change the sub bass which is where some of the issues lie. I don’t find the grey harsh.
  2. Dsnuts Contributor
    So I was looking at foam tips on the aliexpress. Found these.

    Don't know about this design. Lol. My ears are itchy all of a sudden.
  3. salla45
    Great stuff. I've decided I'm passing on the A5's. There's far too much "almost there but not quite about them" and this killed it for me:

    "My overall preference would be the A4 sonics in the A5 body if it was possible."

    Am so happy with my A4, I can see mild frustration coming along and endless tweaking if I invested in the A5's.

    I will save up for "next level" Andro's or Big Dippers :)
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2018
  4. Ivan TT
    Link please?
  5. Ksoup

    Anyone else painted their Yamaha wings?
    Bubblejuice, PacoBdn and Ahmad313 like this.
  6. Ahmad313
    Beautiful , nice work,
  7. Dsnuts Contributor
  8. tienbasse
    Looks like the best way to pollute your ears with a mixture of microfibers and glue residues, with no guarantee that these materials are made for long-term skin contact...
    Very unhealthy if you ask me...
  9. crabdog
    Yes indeed. I also can't see how they could possibly provide a good seal.
    DBaldock9 likes this.
  10. Turrican2
    Or perhaps to AKG N5005s??
  11. DBaldock9
    Since the A5 doesn't have the interchangeable "backs" (like the A4), then it seems they may require tweaking with drills (to open up more vents on the back-enclosure) or plugs (to partially or fully obstruct the current vent) - in order to make a noticeable affect on the low Bass response.
  12. Bubblejuice
    What kind of pain would you use? I've been considering painting mine, but I don't know what could be as resistant as the original paint in the wings.
  13. Ksoup
    Gold Sharpie. The paint seems resistant enough. It’s been 2 weeks and hasn’t shown sign of fading or nothing
    Bubblejuice likes this.
  14. Ksoup
    *edit -duplicate post
    Last edited: Mar 6, 2018
  15. Bubblejuice
    That's pretty slick. You could probably wipe it off with alcohol should you want to change it up or sell them. Good idea.
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