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  1. Brooko Contributor
    Alternative is to just cut 2K and 3K peaks on blue/black. It'll cure your harshness. You decide how much.
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  2. Dsnuts Contributor
    They have different signatures but I am confident in saying the LZ A5 is a nice upgrade to the sonics on both of the SD7s. Plus model has more forward midrange and generally a warmer tonality to it but when it comes to space and airy micro details the A5 just kills it in that regard. I can tell LZ is using a higher grade of BA. The definition and imagery is outstanding on the A5. It is bascially a reference type tuning. Plus model lacks treble emphasis and detail in the treble comparison to the LZ. Make better use of stage over the plus model as well. I like my SD7 plus model for a different full range take on the sounds but there is no question the A5 is a higher grade of sound.

    The SD7 hybrid is more similar in signature to the A5 vs the plus model but the A5 does everything better.
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2018
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  3. Dsnuts Contributor
    Grey filters with complys and a pure copper cable for me.
  4. ChrisHeld1989
    Yep, me too. Balanced copper cable with grey filters and comply tx-500 on the onkyo dp-s1. It sounds very nice. Love it! <3
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  5. bhazard
    Brooko's measurements match mine. I use Black filter, but 2k-3k needs an EQ cut.

    Green = Black
  6. Brooko Contributor
    Your bass is different. Mine is the same for all 4 filters. Expected though - they aren't vented (ie the filters/nozzles aren't vented for bass variance).
  7. Ivan TT
    Finally arrived at a VERY good, actually - fantastic sound with my A5's:

    M2s as transport -> Chord Mojo -> Trasam HA1, TLE2082 Opamp - A5 - black filters - foam tips that came with IT01.

    This setup is kind of semi-protable I'm afraid, but Trasam + TLE2082 ended up being the KEY ingredient to getting most of both Mojo and A5, to my utter amusement (who would have thought?)
  8. expatriot
    Just got my A5's and listened briefly with pre-installed black filters and pre-installed single flange black tips. I found the treble to be very slightly harsh, but not as harsh as my Fiio F9's which I still like. I got an idea (something that happens to me about every 10 years) and put on the F9 treble reduction tips. For me my slight harshness went bye bye. I will do more tip rolling to experiment.
  9. expatriot
    I forgot to mention I am using my Cowon J3
  10. ChrisHeld1989
    What tips are best for A5 with black filters? I have the comply tx but it sounds slightly harsh and bright. Do you know other filters that reduces the highs like comply?
  11. ericp10
    The UE 900s silicon tips (they always seemed to have a touch of foam in the core) have been the magic glue for me and the A5 in taming the highs while balancing the sound with the black filters. Oh, that would the 2012 UE 900 version tips. I don't know what the newer color coded ones sound from the 2014 updated mode.
  12. Brooko Contributor
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  13. expatriot
    Hi Brooko: which filters do you think would be best for listening to acoustic guitar? Great review as usual.
  14. ChrisHeld1989
    I am a person that always have to tinker on all things. I have figured out that the black filters sounds amazingly good when you put some foam in it. I have an AKG Q701 and the have a layer of foam between the driver and the earcups. I stamped out some little foamzylinder out of it and put this in the backhole of the black filter. Now the harshness is gone but it sounds clearly like before. Now i am happy with. The grey filter should be the best but there are very harsh too. I think i have the wrong cable. I will order the LZ balanced cooper cable and look if it sounds better. Sorry for my bad english. ^^"
  15. Brooko Contributor
    Thanks. Grey or red, unless you are prepared to do a lot of EQ
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