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  1. Dsnuts Contributor
    Hence the only real flaw on these earphones. I wish they included a larger variety of tips. I like the idea of them Ostry tips might have to give them a try.
  2. SteveKiwi
    These aren't triple flanges they are "nomal" shape, the difference from the standard Sony hybrid tips are they also have foam inside the silicon covering, plus the outer skin is slightly roughened.
    This is presumably for a better grip
  3. Ksoup
    Thanks, I’ll looking into it. :wink:
  4. Bubblejuice
    Where were you able to buy them? I've only found them on ebay and they are very expensive.
  5. Ivan TT
    Anyone has any idea as to what stock foam tips are?

    They appear to be T200 small to me, but don't have sufficient knowledge to identify them 100%.

    I have a pair of foam tips that work REALLY well with A5's, taming HF just right at the expense of slower bass and lo-mids, their internal tube is smaller than stock and they are 1 size larger (so assume they are T100 mediums), trying to find a pair that would fit A5's and my ear canal just right...

    Medium foam tips that come with IT01 are great too, they need to be pushed over nozzles really dip, pretty much all the way as they are a bit too large, but so far I am getting the best sound of all foam tips I have.
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2018
  6. Ksoup
    Are these the tips? Found them on rakuten $11 + $13 shipping
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  7. SteveKiwi
  8. SteveKiwi
    I got mine with the Sony WI-1000x and WF-1000x that I have
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  9. Ksoup
  10. Dsnuts Contributor
    My pair is a bit larger and just barely fit the nozzle. They don't pop out by themselves but I don't need too much effort to take them out. I believe mine are TX400s. The bore is just as wide as the nozzle. I don't notice the bass being slower on my pair. The only thing that I can tell it has the effect of taking a touch of the very top brightness out of the equation. I will continue to experiment with tips and cables and report my findings here.
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  11. Brooko Contributor
    Can you guys giving listening impressions PLEASE also state which filter you are using. Otherwise your feedback is useless .....
  12. Ksoup
    Zx2 (read somewhere that output impedance is as high as 1.5 ohm) —> Poweramp V3 alpha —> LZ A5 —> Blue filter —> Ostry OS300
  13. Brooko Contributor
    Thank you - try switching to grey or red, and dropping the sub-bass back a little with EQ. Should solve your issues with abrasive treble. Blues and blacks are just overdone in this area (IMO of course)
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  14. Ahmad313
    Nic impressions , so what i understand from your impressions that you think the A5 is a nice upgrade to SD7 hybrid and SD7 plus , right,???
  15. Ksoup
    Thanks Brooko!
    I tried both grey and red as you have suggested before but with Ostry filtered tips they are just too veiled for me. If i’m correct i think you prefer LZ A4 with black/pink signature while i love Black/blue. I guess i just prefer different sound signature.
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