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  1. salla45
    Well, I have the K3003 and A4's and am still waiting for a detailed comparison of the A4's to A5's.

    I prefer the A4's to the K3003's. The signatures are quite similar, imho. However the K3003's can sound a little brash compared to the A4's. I am wowed more often by far with A4's than the K3003's. The A4's may be a little lighter on absolute detail, but it's close. Hope this helps in a sideways way at least!

    Really, I am not going for the A5's at present as I am worried that the A4's are actually more balanced sounding, especially with the talk of treble troubles.
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  2. ChrisHeld1989
    I don't really know which in-ear i should buy. Back in time the K3003 was the best universal in-ear ever. But what about now? Can i get for 220 euros a better one? Are the A5 -which i can get also for 220 euros- better than the K3003? Could someone write a little comparison about details, imaging, separation, stage and so on? I know that these have different signatures. The A5 is warmer and more musically and the K3003 very neutral and analytical but i would like both. But i don't know which of them are technically better. Sorry for my bad english.
  3. Bubblejuice
    The A5 are musical, but warm? ehhhhh I wouldn't really call them "warm". If you liked the K3003 before, you'll probably still like them now.

    The A5, are good as they are, are still kind of a gamble it seems, do to the treble and your personal tolerances of it. If you're willing to hold off until LZ releases the new filters, then maybe you'll get a better idea if it's right for you. Eitherway it seems like a top choice in it's price range so far.
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2018
  4. ChrisHeld1989
    I don't know that the K3003 sound like. Many says the K3003 and the Dunu DN-2000J sounds similar but the K3003 is in the highs a little bit "smoother". One year ago i had a DN-2000J and i really liked it. But mine one had a slightly sibilance in the highs. So i sold it. Know i have the MusicMaker Shockwave 3 and i don't like it. To much bass for my taste and the sibilance is much higher than the DN-2000J. It hurts. Maybe i should buy the K3003 when i liked the Dunus. But nonetheless i want to know if the K3003 is still now highend compared to the A5 or is the A5 better because it is newer?
  5. Bubblejuice
    I recently compared the ibasso It01 to the A5s. The A5s were clearly a solid step above, but wow, the It01 are one hell of a deal..

    On the note of comparisons, would anyone be able to compare the A5 with the Massdrop Plus IEMs, and the Earsonic Velvet v2?

    Thank you! :)

    Edit: and the Empire Ears Cerberus III if anyone has experienxe with that one.
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  6. Dsnuts Contributor
    So I ended up getting Meringos LZ A5. I figured I can help him save up a bit or his big day. Look forward to hearing the LZ sound. These are my first LZ phones but based on the many that have these and the previous LZ phones I am expecting a lot from these.
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  7. Ahmad313
    Very nice, hope soon we will see a comparison between the A5 and SD7+,
  8. Dsnuts Contributor
    It was because I am digging the 5 driver hybrid structure of the SD7 hybrid and the plus that I was curious about these. I figure I don't have much to loose in giving them a try. Plus my good buddy @ericp10 is digging on these. He hasn't stirred me wrong yet.
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  9. ericp10
    This question is tough because your sound signature preference plays a lot into which earphones you'll enjoy the most. But technically speaking (yes, I own both), I think the A5 is a good step or two above the K3003. I do think the K3003 is a very good hybrid earphone too, although the highs can be a bit too much for me sometimes.
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2018
  10. Nezzad1
    I can't stress enough how important the role of source used with A5's is. Match it wrongly (with a high impedance output source) and all you'll hear is harshness, sibilance, unpleasant upper midrange and treble. But match them right... oh, heavens on earth...

    If you are anything like me, and don't want to change your source (in case you hear sibilance/harshness due to their sensitivity), make sure to try the small dunu (or any other brand) impedance conductor (75 ohm or 150, depending how good of an amp you have). It should alleviate all of the problems. And then.. well, that's where the fun begins.
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2018
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  11. salla45
    It would be good to have an idea of which DAPs/Amps are a good match in this regard, subjectively. Any pointers? Eg I have Fiio X7ii and Mojo as my 2 players. and on occasion, a Samsung Note 8 and Fiio X3ii if I can't use my main DAP for example.

    How would these fair ? Or how could I find out? I'm not sure how to interpret impedance specs,
  12. ChrisHeld1989
    Thank you very much. I think i will buy the A5. I am very excited about it. I will hope the A5 plays well with the Onkyo DP-S1 on the balanced output. :)
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  13. Brooko Contributor
    Actually - you have that wrong. With a higher impedance out, it drops the mid-range and lower treble - it doesn't increase it. And the changes are actually quite small - max of around 2-3 dB. If you're hearing a lot of sibilance - then first thing I'd look at would be the mastering of the track. Second thing is to switch to grey or red filters. Third thing is to check the tips you're using and make sure you have a decent seal.
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  14. Bubblejuice
    Is this referring to the impedance adapter?

    I'm trying to figure out how to eliminate a tiny bit of harshness from the black filters without screwing with the airiness of it.
  15. Brooko Contributor
    For harshness with black (and this depends on where your own particular ear resonances sit, and also your own sensitivities) .....

    For vocal harshness, EQ down 2-3 kHz, because it is elevated with the black filter. Generally I'd suggest removing at least 5 dB, and possibly even up to 10 dB. For sibilance - a small drop at 6-7 kHz (5 dB max), and for brittleness around 12-13 kHz (drop about 5-10 dB)

    For an easy parametric EQ - try these settings ....

    40Hz, Q=0.5, -3.5 dB
    800Hz, Q=0.5, +3.0 dB
    2000Hz, Q=0.1.5, -6.0 dB
    3000Hz, Q=1.5, -6.0 dB
    12000Hz, Q=1.0, -2.0 dB

    Easier still - just use the grey filter and drop the sub-bass back a little to your personal taste.
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2018
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