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  1. Nezzad1
    Glad that it worked! Thanks for testing.
  2. Nezzad1
    Also, along with taming highs, using the high impedance cable or adapter would help people use high gain mode on their LG V10/20/30 devices (I know a lot of you are using them)
  3. meringo
    The Be isn't nearly as bright, and has a slightly warmer sound signature overall. Male vocals sound much better to me on the Be, and just a bit more coherent due to the nice lower mid-range.

    It's really becoming apparent that I prefer dynamics to BAs, and Periodic's offering is one of the best out there, especially in this price range. Maybe someone wants to trade haha I miss my Be.
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2018
  4. Bubblejuice
    Thank you for taking the time to do these tests!

    Just so I understand correctly, you're saying this adaptor may help soften some treble hotness/sizzle without messing with the treble extension?

    How does this look with the black filters?
  5. expatriot
    Am I correct that the only problem with the A5's is the unnatural sizzling cymbals? Lows, mids, and lower treble are fine?
  6. Nezzad1
    With the right source, everything is fine. They are extremely sensitive to source.
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  7. expatriot
    Thanks for the quick reply. I plan on using them with the Cowon J3 and the Fiio X5 iii??
  8. originalsnuffy
    I decided to return my pair. I was happier with the more subdued sound of the FLC8s.

    I will eventually add a new toy to the collection, but I think I need to beat the FLC8S not nearly match it.

    IT04 sounds promising. Campfire perhaps?
  9. foba
    Care to write comparison between these two (soundstage, detail bass/mid/treble)? What other IEMs you own?
  10. originalsnuffy
    It is hard to write a definitive write up on the two IEMs unit, the A5 and the FLC8S. My general thoughts:

    LZ does bass really well. As you might expect then the A5 does bass really well. It seems clean and effortless. Bass on the FLC8S is a bit tighter and more contrainted, but also perhaps a bit more accurate. I played some old Bill Evans and the upright bass sounds like it is being played live. Yeah, that good. That is with a reference tuning fo the FLC8s (gray, gray, gunmetal). The A5 is tuned with the gray.

    With regard to mid range and treble, I think the A5 is more of a "just get it out there" mentality. FLC8S is more of a "coax the music to come from the IEM". More restrained, and a bit more accurate.

    They are both quite listenable. The only time I found harshness in the high end on the A5 was for some Mahler, and I think the violins were trying to be strident. And when I played the Clapton box set from 1989 (Crossroads) a few cuts had pretty strong drum hits and they sounded mildly overdone.

    At the end of the day the FLC8S won for me due to comfort issues. I kept having to manually remove some of the JVC spiral dots from my ear with the A5. And I decided that if 80% of the time my choice would be the FLC8S. then its time to just accept that. I want my next IEM to add a big value to the party; the A5 more like trying a new Pale Ale and discovering that while the hops were a bit different they were not all that distinguishable at the end of the day. But beers are consumed serially whereas IEM units do not need to be refreshed unless you really want a new experience.

    As far as imaging, the A5 is perhaps a bit more open to my ear; the FLC8S as already noted has a bit more of a buttoned down feeling.

    The FLC8S is a bit more efficient than the A5; less power required for a similar level of volume.
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2018
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  11. ChrisHeld1989
    Hi there! Can someone tell me which in-ear is technically better, the AKG K3003 or LZ A5? Which one has more details, better seperation, more holographic stage and so on? I can get both very cheap but i can't decide which one i should buy.
  12. Ahmad313
    wait for K5005 , will be available in mid of next month,
  13. ChrisHeld1989
    Sure these are better but i don't have so much money for that. K3003 or A5? Which one is better?
  14. tienbasse
    Better how? Better for what ?
    These have VERY different signatures.
    So please try to be more specific. :wink:
  15. ChrisHeld1989
    I know that these have different signatures. One is more analytical and the other one is a bit warmer and more musical. But which one is technically better. Which one shows more details, has a better separation and soundstage (more holographic) and so on. I can get each for 220€ but which one is technically better apart from how has more drivers.
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