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  1. andra555
    Come here after seeing post from fb claiming this comes close to andromeda, and to my surprise the last several pages talk about comparing it to andromeda, now im compelled to throw 279usd to purchase it and compare it to my andromeda
  2. Bubblejuice
    Diminishing returns affect IEMs too. But the Andromeda are still objectively better. I would save my money if I were you (unless you're really curious, or wealthy :p).
  3. salla45
    OR if he wants a less risky proposition to take out and about which doesn't leave him seriously wishing he'd brought his Andros :)
  4. Bubblejuice
    Fair point. :)
  5. Bubblejuice
    *Small update on sibilance issues in the A5/Andromeda comparison.
  6. SteveKiwi
    If you want a LZ product that really does stand up in comparison to the Andromeda try the big dipper.

    I have all three and most of my listening time gets split between the Andro and the Big Dipper (no switch version)
  7. Nezzad1
    Tried on 5 different players on my s8. Sibilant as hell on all of them.

    The only way they are smooth is with different sources in my case.
    Bubblejuice likes this.
  8. tienbasse
    Depends on your taste, I find the Big Dipper to be bass-shy without the bass switch.
    Doesn't really shine versus Andromeda in that area.
  9. SteveKiwi
    A fair comment but in my case I ignored all the provided tips and used some wide bore double flanged tips i got with the heir 5.0 and trust me with these the bass is far from lacking.

    The Big Dippers really are tip dependant.
    With these tips the bass matches the Andros
  10. bhazard
    Much like the a4, the a5 will be the only IEM I need for the next year or so. Between the great Adorama HE560 deal with balanced XLR cable and the a5, I'm set.

    I didn't even get to try these balanced yet.
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2018
    thejoker13 likes this.
  11. pali
    Please do! It would be awesome to hear more comparisons between the A5 and the andros.

    I bought and A4 recently and was considering upgrading to the A5 but am holding back because of the sibilance issues some have mentioned. However, having recently tried the Andromedas at CanJam (and was impressed by them) and reading that the A5 can come close to it really piques my interest.

    Could anyone chime in on detail retrieval of the A5 vs A4 vs Ansromedas? I felt that that was the biggest difference that I could hear with the A4 vs Andromedas.

    My source is a Hibino R10 (Ibasso DX100) btw.
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2018
  12. Nezzad1
    Since A5 are so sensitive with some sources, it might be a good thing for some (me included) to get a higher impedance cable. Since I do not plan to change my source, higher impedance cable will probably solve impedance mismatch on sources that have a higher output impedance. If that makes sense.
  13. BuddhaBruce
    Hey how did your A5 compare to the periodic be?
  14. Ivan TT
    Trying UE 100Ohm adapter with mojo as I type.
    Can confirm, it does tame highs and softens them up, it appears at the expense of some battery life.
    I still use acoustic foam in red filters though.
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  15. Brooko Contributor
    Here's the grey filter with 75 ohm adaptor
    lza5 impedance.png

    The grey line is with no adaptor, the orange line is with the 75ohm adaptor (I had to feed it slightly more power to get a good reading), and the red is a volume matched comparison. The changes are pretty small but they're audible. As Ivan suggests, slight softening of the highs. Personally I don't need the adaptor - but it'll help some people out as an option.
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