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  1. Astonish
    Anyone interested in a brand new pair, still sealed in the box pm me $250 shipped USA
  2. B9Scrambler
    Don't have a measurement rig set up. Haven't used foam tips yet because they're a pain in the @$$ with over-ear designs (for me). It's quite abrasive with the blue filter, less so with black, not at all with grey nor red. I'm sure foams tips will help and I almost always do some testing with them at some point. I'm sure it's just preference, not filter or unit variance.
  3. Brooko Contributor
    Sorry - I thought you had a measurement rig now. I’d just like to see if there is some filter differences between sets. A few people have talked about differences between blue and black, and again between red and grey. Chris and I have measured and on our two samples, the differences are smaller than 1db ave across the spectrum.

    Can you do me a favour? Listen to something with a red nozzle in one earpiece and a grey nozzle in the other. Give your ears a chance to settle and see if you notice a big difference. Then do the same with black/blue combo.

    FWIW the treble does not bother me as much as the overly hot upper mid-range on the blue/black
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2018
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  4. FactoryStock
    Ssup. I be lurking about this thread. Don't mind if I do... :grin:
  5. B9Scrambler
    I bought the Dayton Audio iMM-6 a while back for the purpose of measuring, but haven't taken the time to calibrate and set everything up. I've listened with different nozzles on each side a few times which is where I came to the conclusion that the differences between the Blue/Black and Red/Grey were minimal at best, but noticeable.
  6. Bubblejuice
    Just a little heads up, I'm thinking of selling my LZ-A5s.

    I'm posting on here before I do on the sales forum since this seems like a pertinent place to do so (Want to give you guys dibs). PM me if you are interested.

    My reason is that I bought them thinking they would replace my B&O H6. But despite the A5 being superior in almost every way, the H6 signature just something else.

    I'll try to post my impressions before I ship them out though.
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2018
  7. thejoker13
    Welp, I feel like I need to eat some humble pie and crow, ugh. I initially said I didn't want to leave impressions of the A5 until I had a good grasp of it, but I prematurely did give some fairly negative comments about them.
    First off, I have been primarily listening to the Brainwavz B400's as my daily driver recently and have fully fallen in love with their smooth coherent sound from top to bottom. At first ,the A5's upper midrange and lower treble gave me some issues and I almost decided to return the A5's as a result. Thankfully I didn't! I'm not a burn in believer as such, but definitely believe in brain burn in. After I gave the A5's enough listening time, I started to get a good feel for what they are truly about. I should note that I am somewhat sensitive to some treble frequencies and at first felt like these were going to be problematic for me. Now, I fully appreciate the immense details and full sound from top to bottom. The A5's will expose EVERY track mastering flaw, so make sure you're listening to these with quality files and sources, as well as well mastered tracks.
    Another issue I initially had was with getting a proper seal. It was strange, because I have 7 other earphones with a similar peanut shape and haven't had any issues getting a seal with them. I finally ended up using my wide bore, red cored tips that came with my Noble Savants. I also swapped out the stock cable and use an 8 core, 7n single crystal copper cable from Connoisseur Audio. I also use this setup mostly out of my LG V20, because of constant traveling. I find this to be a perfect pairing for my tastes and I enjoy this setup very much now.
    I still stumble across a track here and there that make me quickly reach for the skip button. An example of an album that plays perfectly on the A5's would be Dawes- We're all going to die. This easy going, mellow music really brings the A5's strengths out and is an absolute blissful listening experience. The imaging and separation are top notch, as well as a nice spherical soundstage.
    So in closing, I apologize to Lao Zhong for speaking so quickly and harshly about his A5's, before I really had time to give myself a chance to adapt to their different sound from what I had been used to.
    I encourage everyone who has these to really give them a chance by tip rolling more than is usually needed and also to play with multiple fitting depths. It may seem like extra work than what is necessary, but will be very rewarding whenever you find the sweet spot. Thank you all for reading and also hopefully accepting my most humble of apologies for speaking way to quickly about these. This has been a new experience for me and one I won't replicate any time soon.
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2018
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  8. Astonish
    76505310-E42E-4831-B0AE-1C86C756B811.jpeg F3913016-9693-4AF6-89EC-44FE7ECB14B3.jpeg anyone interested in an after market cable for these? I returned mine so will offer the cable here to someone for a little less than I paid if anyone wants one
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  9. Nezzad1
    Everyone is selling their pair...

    And here I am patiently waiting for new filters that will tame the treble.
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  10. thejoker13
    It does seem like it. I almost did the same, but am glad I didn't! I am hoping for additional filters at some point, to further tweak the sound.
  11. Nezzad1
    Same. After a LOT of tip rolling, changing to full copper cable with balanced/dark source these sound heavenly good. But even after that they are a bit bright here and there, sometimes.

    New filters that reduce upper treble with some mild reduction in the lower treble will make these sound next level. Let's wait and see.
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  12. thejoker13
    Absolutely. I agree 110%.
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  13. Ivan TT
    Same here.

    Some sources are perfectly fine with grey filters, some (mojo) need extra reduction as per @Nezzad1 suggestion above.

    And who offers ONLY 4 filters on IEM's these days anyway? :floatsmile:
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2018
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  14. Bubblejuice
    Lol I felt a little ashamed when I decided to do so. But in all honestly, I expect to come back to LZ in the future. The A5 are fantastic, no two ways about it.
  15. bhazard
    The tips are key. I was initially underwhelmed as well stock. Wide bore tips make a HUGE difference. It is not subtle. Once you get the right tips that seal with a wide bore the sound is incredible, especially if you like clean but elevated bass.
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