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  1. audio123
    It is a good upgrade especially when you are coming from the DM5. Enjoy your new iem! :beyersmile:
  2. salla45
    Nice 1. Am keen to get more comparisons to the A4. I am using A4 exclusively at the moment, and really appreciate it's airiness and space. Hoping to match it or better it with the A5's and get better fit/comfort.
  3. SteveKiwi
    Without any shadow of doubt the A5 has better fit/comfort.
    Sound is as ever subjective, but to me it is quite a step up from the A4
  4. salla45
    May I ask in what way? Clarity in all frequencies? Sense of space, layering, etc?

    Thanks in advance!

    PS... Im really quite sold on getting some, but whilst saving the pennies, its great to hear another's thoughts on them :)
  5. SteveKiwi
    I'm no audiophile but anyway here are my opinion.

    The lows are quite strong but they dont intrude into the mids, the highs to me are excellent very detailed without any sibilance.
    To me the mids are to die for.
    I read a lot of reviews where v or u shaped signatures are referenced, to me it seems that the A5 does not fall into these categories.
    If anything it seems to be that lows, mids and highs are slightly boosted but in a good way.
    Of course theres no way that they could br called balanced in an audiophile sense.
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  6. Bubblejuice
    So they would be slightly W shaped?
  7. rav101
    So my A5's arrived today and I'm happy with them.

    I've only tried the black filter with the included blue foam tips. Will need to try different tips to see how that changes the isolation and sound.

    There is noise transfer from the included cable but it's not terrible. The memory ear guides can also be a little annoying (or at least take a little getting used to).

    Having said all that. This is a set of earphones that produce good sound (to my ears), has a customisable cable and can accept different tips. Has different filters to change the sound to suit and once on, are really comfortable. Once they are in, I almost forget they are there (except for the cable noise when it crops up).

    Overall, for £205 headphones in the UK, they are a really impressive piece of kit.

    Will be interesting to see how they improve with filters, cables, tips and general burn in!!
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  8. RedJohn456
    I have been using the A4 as my daily driver and main iem since launch but that has changed since the A5 arrived. I have replaced the A4, not because A5 is newer shinier etc, but I feel the A5 greatly improve upon the A4 in some key areas.

    The greatest improvement, imo, is in terms of ergonomics and comfort. The A5s just positively disappear after putting them on. Funny enough I have been using the A5 with the a4 cable because it lacks the flexible earhook and is softer, producing less noise. The a4 cable helps the A5 sit easier in the concha as well.

    Second - the sound; The A5 has a meatier midrange as compared to the A4, which I feel is thinner in comparison. The A5 produces a denser and thicker sound with more detail and bass. They have improved the detail and resolution, while also making the sound more "musical." The end result is an iem which is enjoyable to use all day for any application. Heck I have already done some guitar monitoring with the A5 and I am happy with the timbre and how realistic instruments sound.

    The A5 has that magic sauce that made the A2 legendary. YMMV but I feel that LZ has done a great job in all departments, not just sound.

    BUT I still dislike teh stock cable and lack of accessories.

    Edit: @SteveKiwi Ignore my last tag - had a brain fart, meant to address someone else lol
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2018
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  9. salla45
    Thanks for that mini sound review :) - Really looking forward to getting a pair soon!
  10. SteveKiwi
    No problem
  11. Atlass
    Hello Guys! I am a big fan of lz earphones after listening lz a4. Now i am going to buy LZ a5 because LZ made a good fit (as i see on the pictures and from the reviews).
    Please, could someone compare lz a5 and musicMaker tk12, Shockwave 3. It is very interesting for me. And one more question - what player do you prefer for LZ A5 and why?
  12. Nezzad1
    I returned SWIII due to extreme sibilance issues. Horrible experience.

    LZ A5 is beyond amazing, especially considering its price. It beats my IE800 in many ways. Also it is overall better than said IEM. You definitely can't go wrong with A5.
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  13. Atlass
    Thanks for your opinion!
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  14. TimeSnow
    As soon as they pop up on amazon.co.uk I'm in.

    So see you back here in 2019....
  15. originalsnuffy
    Just to verify, I presume that one can purchase add on cables to use these with balanced output DAP units?
    I would like to do just that with the Cayin N5II. I have a balanced cable on the way for the FLC8S; but I am looking seriously at adding the A5 to my collection.
    The other units competing for mind share right now are the forthcoming IT04 and FLC9.
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2018
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