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  1. robervaul
  2. audio123
    Thank you! I appreciate you for taking the time to read my review. I personally feel LZ A5 is a versatile iem with good SQ at its price point. Let say if you are looking for purely sub-bass reproduction and clean highs, I would recommend the iBasso IT03 while LZ A5 is the all rounder. I sincerely hope this helps! Cheers. :jecklinsmile:
  3. Skullophile
    Thanks bud, appreciated
    audio123 likes this.
  4. ericp10
    Trying the LZ A5 with the Oriveti Primacy silver-plated copper cable. Wow! Using the red filters, and there's even more clarity and balance. The sub bass is tamed a bit this way too. So this earphone performs even better with an upgrade cable as I had hoped.
  5. audio123
    You mean the Oriveti Affinity or the stock cable that comes with the New Primacy? Cheers.
  6. ericp10

    No, I meant what I stated. There was an Oriveti Primacy before there was a New Primacy or Affinity. By the way, I'm using JVC large spiral dot tips. I just went back to the black filters. Sublime sound!
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  7. audio123
    Oh yes. Thanks for the heads-up. I shall try that combo soon.
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  8. audioIQ
    DD has pretty decent aftersales service as well, I had a slight issue with my magaosi k3 pro in the left earpiece, the mmcx connector was a bit lose. Contacted DD and they sent me a brand new pair with the whole box and everything, I had only asked for a left side earpiece. other than that they always send some little niceties along with the order as well, like a free carrying pouch etc. Penon is good as well though. I've never had any complaints with Penon either. But IMHO I'd rather order DD.
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  9. originalsnuffy
    Skullophile; who did your mods on the A2 units?
    Also, what do you mean from "coloured IEM". Do you mean they have a warm sound signature?

    Although I mainly play my FLC8S the pair that I still go back to from time to time are the A2s. I did not like the A4 fit much but liked the basic sound signature, so I am looking forward to the A5.

    I think the A2 handles low bass with more authority that the FLC8S but does not have the overall resolution of the FLC8S. But they are a "fun " listen.
  10. SteveKiwi
    My A5's have just arrived.
    Just listening them for the first time
    Straight out if the box with the black filter and the attached tips.

    Wow what a great sound!

    I loved my A4's but these are so much clearer and resolving.

    I'm one happy camper. Now I just have to wait until the Big Dippers arrive.

    As an aside I am now using the A4"s with a bluetooth neckband from the Kef Motion One and that is going well
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  11. originalsnuffy

    What IEM units are you comparing the A5 to besides the A4?
  12. SteveKiwi
    Audiofly Af180 and Af1120, Earsonics Velvet and to a certain degree the UERM.

    Fairly obviously the technical ability of the UERM is way better, but the A5's are more fun but they still resolve well

    Ahmad313 likes this.
  13. Ahmad313
    Nice, so how you feel the A5 against AF180/1120 and Velvet,
    are the A5 sounds better than these or on equal level ,???
  14. SteveKiwi
    As ever its a matter of opinion, but I prefer the A5's, they are more musical to me. These are the first IEM's I have purchased that are both musical and detailed, and believe me I have spent a small fortune on IEM's .

    Thinking about it it's not a small fortune!
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  15. Mdclol
    Your reply gives me peace of mind in having cancelled my iBasso IT03 order in favor of the LZ-A5 due to a fear of thinned out mids. They will be here on Wednesday and I'll post my impressions here compared to LZ-A4 and others in my signature.

    I was looking for a bass cannon with crystal highs and have found that in the BGVP DM5. These LZ-A5's will be my "all-rounder" and daily-driver.

    Cheers to all.
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