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  1. Bubblejuice
    I guess that's true.

    But you're still dealing with metal threads on the nozzle. What if you over tighten them by accident? Or like mentioned above, the plastic expands/wears over time, causing the housing to not hold the nozzles very well. It would get bothersome to have to tighten the nozzles every time you were to put them on. I'm just thinking "out loud" here, but anyone please feel free to chime in. I'm new to the IEM realm (especially hybrid/tunable).

    I mean, considering their "lower tier" A4s were metal, and there are light metal material options. I thought it would make sense. The Big Dipper is also Acrylic-like resin right?

    EDIT: Changed the material of Big Dipper.
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2018
  2. duyu
    The parts inside the shell holding the nozzle and units seem to be metallic. I have to check though.
  3. thejoker13
    Me as well, big time. I have very high hopes for the A5's. I guess I'll hold off ordering these for a little bit yet and get more people's impressions.
  4. Bubblejuice
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2018
  5. Ahmad313
    Ohh so it is plastic but they look like a metal shells maybe because of that black colour ,
  6. Ahmad313
    Big Dippers are not made from plastic, they used some other materials .
  7. duyu
    Thanks for correcting my mistakes.
    I asked LZ directly, he told me the shell is made with aluminium. As it is so light, I thought it was plastic. Sorry for the confusion.
    Bubblejuice likes this.
  8. Brooko Contributor
    The Dipper is UC Curable Resin - basically very similar to the Acrylic used in most customs. I wouldn't call it simply "plastic".
  9. salla45
    I have had the A4's for nearly a year, and really haven't looked further since then, they are that good sonically. My only gripe is that sometimes they can get a little uncomfortable due to the relatively sharp edges and need repositioning to alleviate.

    Even so, I was seriously considering to get a 2nd pair to proof me in case of failure of the 1st pair, but now notice the A5's and they seem too good to be true, for 60usd more, it's a no brainer.

    Are there any reviews other than the one impressions review i've seen in this thread? Especially interested in comparing to the A4 of course :)

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  10. peter123
    The A5 was just released so I'm sure there will a lot more impressions coming in very soon :wink:
    salla45 likes this.
  11. crabdog
    I received my A5 yesterday. For those concerned about plastic don't be - the A5 is all metal, shells and nozzles.

    Some very early impressions: A5 has a very powerful bass but it's a goooood bass. No boominess or looseness. It has a real impact, a bit like the DUNU DK-3001... As for the mids and treble, for the moment I'm just going to say they are really nice. Will give more impressions after I've spent more time listening. Also, mine has no hiss and no sibilance, just sweet music. Very sweet. :)

  12. BuddhaBruce

    My andromedas swivel with ease. I don't think it's a bad thing, but a trait of the MMCX cable. While they swivel they are locked in tightly
  13. tienbasse
    And yet it is plastic. :wink:
    Contrary to what people may think acrylic-based are in no way "luxury" materials, they're just very fast to cure in pretty much any shape, and there are a small number of methacrylate-based resins that are approved for use in medical devices and prolonged contact with skin, that's it.

    Regarding mechnical and chemical resistance, there are technical plastics that would provide much better performance than acrylics, but they are a bit more difficult to process, so they're not yet convenient enough for recreational items such as IEMs.
  14. meringo
    Just received my LZ-A5.

    First Impressions:
    - Build quality is extremely high. They look like $300+ IEMs
    - They are super comfortable, as is the cable
    - Ultra lightweight. Easily the lightest metal body IEM I own

    Sound impressions later tonight.
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  15. Nezzad1
    An update to my initial impression -

    I received cp100 spinfit eartips today. THEY DO THE TRICK. Finally sibilance/harsh free! Onto the sound. Comparison is against the A4.

    Bass: quantity like black back filter. Quality improved. It's a bit tighter. Sub-bass extension increased.

    Mids: male vocals are thicker. Female vocals are sweeter. Guitar strings are euphoric! Lower mids are better for sure.

    Highs: biggest improvement. They extend REALLY far up. Airy presentantion.

    Resolution is better. Soundstage is a BIT wider. Instrument placement is more accurate. What more can you ask for? Small improvements over the spectrum. LZ, you did it again!

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