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  1. audioIQ
    You're getting hiss straight out of the S8 as well? :xf_eek: . that is concerning. I think hiss interpretation varies from person to person, some people (myself included) are just more sensitive to it. I tend to get quite bothered by it. I was unhappy about the hiss from my magaosi k5, and I've already placed the order for A5 (shipped). this is just not good.
    Can you check if theres noise at zero volume? goto spotify or music player, play some music, and then reduce volume to zero and see if theres hiss?
  2. atoff
    I come from using mainly full sized headphones, which don't usually have problems with hissing, so I'm used to dead silent headphones and these were very noticeable. The sound to me sounds very high output. That kind of hiss you'd expect if you had your AMP to max volume. There were three sources that produced hissing even at 0 volume, that was my Schiit combo, the DSS headphone amp, and my Soundblaster Z. With my S8, laptop, and Focusrite I had to turn the volume up to hear the hissing, but not even very loud. I feel like these are definitely not meant to be used with amps.

    After listening to them for a while now, they sound good, but I'm not sure if they sound $280 good. I don't have experience with other IEMs in this price range though. My headphones are mostly in the $400 range, so trying to find a competing IEM would probably put me in the $1k+ bracket. But I'm just not blown away like I was hoping I would be. They just sound like slightly better earphones than what I'd find in the $50 range.
  3. audioIQ
    Just a few pages ago there was someone claiming that the A4 SQ is in the same league as the $1000 Shure se846. and they expected the A5 to outperform them.
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  4. Nezzad1
    A4 is already in the same range, if not better than HD650. I own them both. I expect A5 to beat it once I get a good seal.
  5. audioIQ
    I hope you're right.
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  6. Nezzad1
    A4 is the best one here, due to above-mentioned seal issues with A5. Source is chord mojo most of the time. Or european galaxy s8 which sounds pretty good with A4.

    Don't give up just yet. Try tip rolling like a maniac. One of them must work eventually. I hope.
  7. atoff
    I admit a lack of experience with IEMs and so my expectations may have been bigger than they should have, but I can't help that they're not impressing me as much as I'd hoped. I'm not a fan of the HD650, and if I had to choose I'd take these over them. Even the HD800's don't do it for me though. They all sound too congested. My thing is soundstage and openness. These don't quite have that openness I was hoping for based on what I've read about the A4.
  8. Nezzad1
    Soundstage on A4 is definitely better than what HD650 has to offer. To my ears A5 has an even better soundstage. Imaging as well.
  9. atoff
    What cord do you suggest? I'm willing to try that, and try more tips. Personally, I don't think a better seal would help. I have a good seal now and it just sounds more congested. I think I'd prefer a shorter version of the blue foam tips that came with it.
  10. Nezzad1
    "Good seal" and "more congested" in the same sentance? I think your seal is not good still. As for cable, I use mix of silver and copper, the one on A4s is 35 dollars and the one on A5 is 85 dollars or so. From NiceHCK.
  11. atoff
    Ah, little too expensive for me for just a cable, thanks though. As for the congestion, when I used the foam tips which doesn't create a perfect seal the sound is much better. It has that openness that I like. When I create a seal the bass and mids become muddy. It makes sense that it would.
  12. duyu
    I can’t hear any hiss using FiiO X7. A5 doesn’t seem to be a sensitive IEM. I am using the red nozzles. For tips, I’m using spiral dots.
  13. Nezzad1
    Have you tried those provided ear tips? Do you get a good seal with them? I've tried a lot of different tips, and none of them do the trick completely. I had some double flange tips from old Sennheiser IE80, but the nozzle on A5 is so much thinner that they just fall off easily.
  14. atoff
    Starting to think maybe I got a defect
  15. duyu
    No, I didn’t. I tried many tips before and found spiral dots the best. Double flange is too uncomfortable to me. It does take time to find the perfect tips.
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