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  1. RedJohn456
    This combo sounds incredible, high or low gain. I had actually forgotten what the X7 is capable of lol. I need to get a good MMCX balance cable set with adapters.
  2. duyu
    I'm using AM3's balanced out, hoping to get more power from it. But under the Low gain, I have to turn the volume quite high in order to get the same amount of bass. So, I'm now using the High gain with lower volume.
  3. Bubblejuice
    Hopefully someone even
    Very awesome review. I especially liked the point about pizza. :dt880smile:

    Anyone who has received these have a picture of them in your ear? I'm curious about the profile of the A5s when worn.
  4. Nezzad1
    I am auditioning them again, and now I am 100 percent certain that I need deeper insertion. No matter what filters I use, some tracks are sibilant.

    It's really weird as bass is definitely not suffering (that's how i determine the seal most of the time), yet at the same time I can literally feel that they are not "filling" my ear canals properly with any tips that I have.

    So.. can anyone recommend some quality ear tips that can go deeper in ear canal? Bi-flange or something, I guess.
  5. Bubblejuice
    Maybe try smaller tips? With my B&O H3s, I tried medium Shure Olives, Oval tips, Bi-flange and triple flange of multiple sizes, etc. And the best seal + deepest fit I got was with the small silicone tips that come with a pair of KZ ZS3s. I always thought I was a medium tip person.
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  6. peter123
    Yeah, I think biflange is the way to go. SpinFit or other tips that has a long stem could also be an option. Sometimes when I have problems getting deep enough fit due to the design of the shells I've got very good results from using slightly more stiff, thicker silicone tips that "fills up" a bit more.
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  7. Nezzad1
    Thanks, I tried all sizes of silicone tips that I could find, as well as different brands. None of them work. Even the ones I use with A4 are obsolete with A5. In fact, they might be one of the worst sounding now.

    I'll order a few different bi-flange tips and see how they fare.
  8. peter123
    I've bought and gotten so many tips over the years that I don't remember where they all come from or what brand they are but for more stiff, thicker silicone tips you can try to find some pictures of the ones that comes with the Philips Fidelio S2. They're really good and I've bought some similar ones for cheap on ebay but it was a long time ago. These kind does often work for me with IEM's that have a similar design as the A5......
  9. Nezzad1
    Great! I'll try to find those, then. I ordered some bi-flange on aliexpress. But I'll get as many as I can, just to be sure. These IEMs are very, very promising.
  10. peter123
    Yeah, silicone tips are cheap so try to get some different styles. Good luck!
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  11. Nezzad1
    A5 nozzle seems to bit thinner than A4's. Do you think spinfit CP-220 M1 will fit good? I usually use size S or M eartips.
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2018
  12. Ahmad313
    Thanks for these nice and detailed impressions ,
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  13. atoff
    I just received my A5's, having never tried the A4's. I'm hearing a massive amount of hissing. Even with the volume to 0 the hissing is incredibly loud. I switched from DAC to directly into laptop and the hissing is just as loud, albeit it the volume needs to be up until the music is audible. Tried again through my Focusrite and again same thing. I can't imagine this is normal. Music is also very sibilant with the default black filter. I'll try the others, but I can't get over this hissing.
  14. TimeSnow
    I had the same problem, but then again I only listen to snake sound effect CDs.
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  15. Nezzad1
    I don't have problems with hissing. But sibilance/harshness is present with ALL filters, so I think that's actually a seal issue. This type of over-ear design requires deeper insertion if you have deep ear canals like I do.

    At least I believe it's the seal issue, because I can feel that my canal is not filled entirely, if that makes sense. Bass is still present but rest of the spectrum is off. And it changes every time I try different tips.
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