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LZ-A4 Impressions and Discussion Thread

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  1. Deaj
    My LZ-A4 arrived yesterday - 3 days from China to my door in Seattle, WA. That was fast!

    My first opportunity to give them a listen was this morning. I started off with the installed filters (black/back - blue/front) and was startled by the clarity and detail. I listened for an hour or so before deciding to try the red front filters. While these sounded fantastic I found myself missing the extended treble with the blue front filters. I went back to the blue front filters and installed the red back filters (10Hz-35KHz) and this is where I landed. I've been listening to them most of the day without discomfort or any listening fatigue. They just sound so natural, so... right. They remind me a bit of my beyer DT1990 Pro's with the 'balanced' ear pads installed.

    Color me happy! :)
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  2. nealh

    Red/b and Black/f seems to be a nice balance across all frequencies. Nice bass and clear, detailed sound.
    I like it so much I'm afraid to change to blue/f for just testing purposes.
    Lurk650 how do you compare soundstage from 3D perception with Red/b and Black/f. Vs Red/b and Blue/f?
  3. Lurk650
    Deaj, I too love Blue Nozzle though I slightly prefer the Black Back over Red back. Try out the Red Back and Black Front and let me know what you think.

    Neal I will do that A/B tonight
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  4. MrNick
  5. w3nj13
  6. crabdog
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  7. yavormoskov
    DHL page shows "uncontrollable delay" from Hong Kong. Estimated delivery is next Thursday. Same "uncontrollable delay" for another package from Shenzhen, China. I guess I won't have my LZ-A4 for Christmas.
  8. SuperMAG
    Has anyone checked if the kz ed9 or other filters work on these yet?
  9. Lurk650
    I could try but kinda pointless, stock filters are better quality
  10. peter123

    I can't see why anyone would like to use those. The A4 is a very well thought through design and I seriously doubt that any random filter would make them better. The A4 does also have both back and front filters, 18 possibilities should be enough for most people, just my 2c :wink:
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  11. SuperMAG
    Maybe it will surprise us. At least it will give more options.
  12. 1TrickPony

    I remember pretty much 1 main configuration for the FLC8s (grey-clear-gunmetal), then just vary say the treble level. Curious  about the presentation from the other filters of the A4s - I'd like to see a mid centric presentation with a good quick lean bass...what you then suggest as setup. 

    I should expecting mine a little later today... feeling excited like a kid once more! lol
  13. peter123

    For lean bass you'd probably like the blue back filters. To me these had too little impact so I did not spend much time with any combination including them.

    Tbh I'm not sure you'll be able to get a true mid-centric presentation from the A4 since they're pretty well balanced between the frequencies in most configurations but ymmw :wink:
  14. 1TrickPony
    Fair Enough. Everyone spoke rather well of the bass (I prefer more body than thump) and the highs seem pretty well tuned as well. Hence why I am TRULY curious in regards as to how the mids are presented.
  15. peter123

    I understand. Imo the mids are very nice with great quality to them but I wouldn't call them particularly forward in any of the configurations I've listened to for a longer time. That's why I don't look at them as mid centric. Fwiw I love my midrange and I love the A4's :wink:
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