LZ-A4 Impressions and Discussion Thread
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  The aforementioned thread is a sad deal all around.
Other than the brand that shall not be named; what other IEM unit of note beyond LZ right now?  I discovered LZ from the Carbo Tenore thread, so it makes sense to ask people who like a specific sound signature what else they like.  And I do like the Carbo Tenore and the LZ-A2.

If you like a2, wait for this one being released OR get A2S if on a budget.
I tried A4 against A3 and it is an improvement/refinement and you can dial the low-end and tonality/upper end with nozzles and back-plates.
Sound-stage about the same on the range.
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  I hope early reports about it having a v shape sound signature are not correct.  I like the sound signature of the A2 but would not want the highs or lows to be more emphasized than that.  I would appreciate refinements vs. a dramatic departure. 

It's simply dialable, and V is one of its signatures that you can dial in.
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My turn with the LZ-A4 which I picked up from the P.O. yesterday afternoon. No real time with it yet but a few things I see on first examination. I like the cable. Don't really prefer the filter nozzles as the long tapered lip style makes it harder to use some tips and I can't even use some others I'd like to. I would prefer the style some other screw in nozzles have like Trinity, Sendiy, and similar over these.
These really do remind me of the Astrotec AX-60 but with more tuning capability and a better starting price. Similar deal with the two armatures blocking off the dynamic leading to a bit of a clarity hit in the bass area. Weighty and rich sounding but greater than good clarity isn't there at least compared with my E40 which sounds a bit more airy and free. A4 is a bit congested down low in comparison. Need to amp them. haven't hooked them up to anything with a good output yet and am sans potable amps till this coming week when one is due to arrive. I'll see how it behaves with more power.
I think the A4 is smaller sounding than I remember the AX60 sounding but I think the A4 is a bit better as far as overall sound but they strike me as doing the same things signature-wise. I liked the AX60 and I like the sound of the A4 so far. Both may have a bit more bass than I like but with EQ and the right tips set them on the right course for me. Good detail and texture down low when the extra thickness and strength is tamed.
Early impression though and I'll reiterate of course to keep in mind they are prototypes so sound and other things may not be final.
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I have the feeling that our suggestions for improvements are positively received.
We are building a great IEM.

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  I have the feeling that our suggestions for improvements are positively received.
We are building a great IEM.

SUUUUWEEET house sound. Balancing detail with musicality.
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I am hoping we end up with a nice rival to the flc 8s. Competition is good. I really like my A2 but secretly want the flc. So having another option would be great

Thank God we're talking about earphones not girlfriends.
You can totally covet the FLC8 hahah.
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Anyone have any idea when the expected release date is? 
Looking forward to the return of A2-style traditional aesthetic. Kudos to the LZ-A3 for being experimental, but it honestly looked uncomfortable and somewhat ridiculous to wear.  

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