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LZ-A4 Impressions and Discussion Thread

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  1. Holypal
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  2. PopZeus
    Speaking of a lack of disappointment, the stock cable started fraying so I finally installed the OEM upgrade cable. Even with a single-ended 3.5mm adapter the audio is MUCH improved coming from the Cayin DAP. Bass response is tighter, imaging all across the range is fantastic.

    I can't really tell how much the adapter is changing the signal until I have a proper balanced source to feed it but I'm very happy with the purchase so far.
  3. DBaldock9
    Is the Big Dipper one of the earphones that uses the 0.78 pin connectors?
  4. Ahmad313
    Yes , LZ used standard 0.78mm 2 pin connectors for Big Dipper ,
  5. Ahmad313
    same here, i want to see A5 with MMCX connectors ,
  6. kaiteck
    I still dont really get the color cobinations

    if i want warmest and darkest sound, what combination should i get?
  7. Zenbun
    They cost 165 on AE now.
  8. Ahmad313
    Try the the black+grey or black+pink ,
  9. HerrWallen
    Picked me up a pair, had hoped for even more but I'm pretty happy with that mark-down.
    The wait is going to be horrible..
  10. nealh
    It will be worth it. Exact IEM and a great value
  11. crabdog
  12. Meder Bakirov
    Red + black for me
  13. Brooko Contributor
    Red and pink is the measurably warmest combo.
  14. Kundi
    These are up on Massdrop again.
  15. kaiteck
    thanks guys, yup the pink filter helped a lot of me as i hate highs piercing to my ears

    the red back filter brings most bass, i lowered it using black

    black + Pink is my favourite now.
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