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LZ-A4 Impressions and Discussion Thread

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  1. Ahmad313
    You will be never wrong with A4 and as for loose connection it never effect on the sound and i don't that all batches have this issue my A4 is absolutely perfect with all my aftermarket cables ( only one cable has this issue so its mean the problem is in the cable not in the A4)
  2. aisalen
    You cannot go wrong with it, I do not have issue also with aftermarket cheap balanced cable for my wm1a. In terms of sq, it is the top 1 of what I currently have. lz a4 > it03 > kz zs5 > kinera h3 and have xba-a3 coming and see if it tops the lz.
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  3. ebrian
    Hi Herrwallen, I want to make sure that no mistake or misunderstand is made here. There are potentially some issues with the cable itself, but only because of the way I wear them and only because of normal wear and tear. This IEM is by no means reflective of my recent troubles -- everything you read in this thread previous with reviews and comments are 100% true -- these LZ-A4 are fantastic. Bang for buck wise it is as good as it gets imo.
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  4. HerrWallen
    Thank you for the mini-comparison, I think that it is pretty relevant even though it's not the exact model, the MA750 and the T20 seems to share genes/house-sound.
    Initially I considered the MA750s but a friend recommended the extra cash for the T20s as they where similar but "better in every respect". I haven't been disappointed my T20s, very competent for the price but I'm starting to get the upgrade-itch :D

    The thing that got to me was that all of a sudden these "issues" popped up out of nowhere, just as I was starting to find something that really seemed like a excellent purchase.. Happy to hear that it only seems to be related to cables, those are easy to change.
    Very grateful for you swift input here!
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  5. jhog
  6. TimeSnow
    Mine have no issues yet, Daily drivers and couldn't be happier for the price. Amazing value I think.
  7. Ahmad313
    also A5 is coming soon ,
  8. thejoker13
    I ordered the A4's last week, andy shipping says they'll be delivered on Thursday. I'm so excited, I feel like a kid at Christmas, haha.
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  9. crabdog
    I'm sure you'll love the A4. It's more v-shaped than 9tail but great detail, really immersive sound.
  10. thejoker13
    Thanks @crabdog! I'm really anxious to listen to them. In your opinion, are they a fairly big upgrade over the nine tail?
  11. Ahmad313
    9 tail is no way near the A4 hy any mean,
  12. thejoker13
    Do you have the nine tail?
  13. Ahmad313
    Nope , i had auditioned , 9 tail is good for the price but not comparable with A4 ,
  14. crabdog
    Yes, it's on another level. Can't wait to learn more about the A5 with its improved ergonomics.
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