LZ-A4 Impressions and Discussion Thread

  1. Share2Care
    They look very interesting indeed! Can't wait for more information.

    Any idea on a time frame?

    Cheers :)
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  2. Ahmad313
    rumours are late November or early December
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  3. Share2Care
    One of the sellers of the LZ-A4 gives you an option to upgrade the cable with copper or silver with also 2.5mm balanced and 3.5mm jacks.

    Has anyone included one of the upgraded cables when buying? Has the cable in comparison been any benefit? Ultimately is is worth purchasing or save that money towards another cable?

    Thanks for all help :)
  4. ebrian
    I just received the VE mmcx cable last night. I ordered them September 30 just to give you an idea of shipping time.

    The quality is okay, but it was inexpensive. Mostly I'm just glad to be using the LZ-A4 again after a brief hiatus. I was using my Tenore as backup and there's a significant drop in SQ with those. The one I got is "VE Basic mmcx 2.5trrs 3.5trrs cable". In retrospect I should have bought the twisted brown/white one. The grey one has a rubbery material that has a very plastic feel to it, which plays havoc on the microphonics when I'm walking around. It's also noticeably shorter than the LZ-A4 stock cable. My only real complaint I have with them is the left mmcx connector does not click like the other side does, I'm not sure if it's just a design or manufacture flaw but as a result it can easily fall out of the A4 if I jostle it.

    I'm still waiting on the actual LZ-A4 upgrade cable that I bought from Penon. They shipped it on October 12.
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  5. PopZeus
    I got the LZ balanced 2.5mm upgrade cable. Haven't had a chance to use it yet so I can't speak to the sound quality. But the cable itself is beautiful. Weird to say but it's very cool looking.
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  6. DBaldock9
    I bought a VE Espresso 2.5mm TRRS to MMCX cable, and it also had a loose fitting Left connector. I really like how soft and supple the wire is, so I ordered some different types of replacement MMCX connectors, and re-terminated the cable.
  7. toanaldino
    I'm using two custom cables bought from amazon jp and both have loose fitting on the left connector as well. interesting.
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  8. Ahmad313
    One of my aftermarket cable has the same issue , left connector is bit loose than the right side, so glad to hear i am not alone here ,
  9. ebrian
    If we're all having the same issue then it must be the LZ-A4 female mmcx connector side is the issue, right?
  10. DBaldock9
    With MMCX connected earphones, you can easily try swapping cables from one side to the other. For me, it was the connector on the cable - loose on multiple earphones.
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  11. Ahmad313
    I don't think so, my other aftermarket cables are fine with A4 ,
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  12. bhazard
    My A4's are starting to have trouble on multiple cables too. Get me a good price on the A5 and I won't care as much :)

    Still the best earphones I have months later. Love em.
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  13. toanaldino
    Yeah that was my point....i've tried swapping the cable and the left side is loose.
  14. HerrWallen
    I have been eyeing the A4s for some time, hoping to find a good deal on 11.11, does this problem affect function/sound?
    Should I look elsewhere?

    From what I read the A4s is a magnificent set of IEMs and I'm hoping that they will be a proper upgrade coming from the pair of RHA T20 I'm currently enjoying very much (if anyone have some experience with those and have the heart to share a quick comparison, I'd be grateful. For the record I mostly use them with the black filter since I feel that has the most natural mid-range).
  15. jhog

    Can’t speak to the T20s as I’ve not heard them, but I came from the RHA MA750 and the difference was really substantial, a major upgrade in clarity, resolution, detail and soundstage.

    The LZ A4 is a cracking iem, I’m deeply impressed with it. I’ve no doubt it can be bested by pricier options, but it does everything well, has no apparent weak links (other than possibly comfort) and is a deeply satisfying - and sometimes euphoric - listen across a range of different music styles.

    Hope this helps!

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