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Lyr, WA6 (with Modi) or WA7 for my HD800s?

  1. Murdocderdon
    normally i just read here because english is not my main language but i think that here is the right place to get an answere so i made an account.
    I want to go into tubes with my HD800 (at the moment i run them with my Corda Symphony) and need some help to make a decission.
    The sound which i´m looking for is a warm touch with a good bass. The DAC, i have to buy for WA6 and Lyr, would be the Shiit Modi cause i don´t think that it makes sence to invest more money on a DAC.
    The tree amps i think about are these:
    WooAudio WA7
    - Should have enough power but is a bit expensive for me. If it´s really way above the others i think i will choose the WA7.
    WooAudio WA6 (with Modi)
    - Not sure if they have enough power to drive the HD800s well. The WA6-SE is sadly no option because of the pricing.
    Schiit Lyr (with Modi)
    - Surely enough power but i think i´ll have to invest in some tubes cause the stock tubes aren´t that good from what i read. Also i read about some noise with this amp.
    Is there someone who knows two or maybe all three of these amps and can help me to decide?
    Best regards
    And sorry for my bad english! :wink:
  2. Murdocderdon
    a little bump
  3. David Chavez
    My vote would be the wa7. But in all honesty the wa6 with modi might be a little better on price/sound ratio.
  4. Murdocderdon
    Thanks for your answer.
    Because of the high costs for shipping and the 19% customs i think also about the V200 at the moment which i can get a bit easier in germany.
  5. David Chavez
    Violectric v200 is a nice solid state amp to get.  Burson audio is another very good company located in Germany but only do solid state. 
  6. i019791
    Burson is Australian

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