Lyr + K240 Sextett... DAC?
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May 15, 2012
Hey all
I'm looking forward to the arrival of a pair of Sextetts in the mail, which will live next to my K701s
I've also just bought a Lyr off of a forumite.
It'll be a little while before I can throw a dedicated DAC in the signal chain, but I'm wondering if you have any suggestions.
I like the idea of getting another Schiit, just for the aesthetics. Also, it'd be nice to have an optical input so that I can throw the music over wifi via an Airport, although I'm not sure if that will do awful things to my bitrates (please weigh in on this!). I only have a laptop, and have kind of tiny digs, so I'd like an option where I don't have to hook a bunch of things up in the corner just to listen to my cans (hence the airplay/optical hopes)
Send me your suggestions, forum! I look forward to it.

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