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Luxury and Precision - Crowdfunding Promotion on the L3 Digital Music Player, Available Soon!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by hideouspride, Jan 29, 2016.
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  1. JohnYang
    New L3 firmware in beta testing right now, I will release it once the testers say it is fine. 
    1. Added DSD album art support. 
    2. Improved USB DAC compatibility. Now it also support 32Khz sampling rate. 
    3. Added AIFF format support, and also album art support of AIFF files. 
    4. Improved compatibility with certain micro-sd card, fix rare playback noise bug with certain memory cards. 
    I was told that playlist was suppose to come with this firmware, but some last minute bugs was found so it is pushed to the next firmware.
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  2. Krayon
    standing by for download link :D
  3. dmkbox
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2017
  4. hellfire8888
    let me be the beta as well..i am tired of waiting..i dont mind using beta firmware
  5. JohnYang
    Hey dmkbox, 
    Do you mean that you can not properly adjust the volume completely, or it would occur occasionally?
  6. JohnYang
    Lets say there is always the risk of bricking so it is better to wait.
    I will check with Mr.Wan to ask about the progress. 
  7. dmkbox
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2017
  8. nudd
    Still no news about the new firmware? I am still getting glitching of 24 / 96 or higher audio so there are random pauses with certain tracks ....
  9. neogeosnk
    Any update on firmware?
  10. nudd
    Is there any news? The improved card support seems to be very promising in solving my playback glitches.

    I am willing to take the risk of a brick as i am about to buy a new dap if this isn't getting fixed soon.
  11. xnuthecaveman
    No progress on the beta?
  12. hellfire8888
    yeah was hoping on news on the beta firmware!
  13. dkfuel
    3 months and still waiting on word to test a beta firmware? You dudes should grab some fire and pitchforks that's BS!
  14. neogeosnk
    Dead dap, no firmware updated are coming out.
  15. JASru
    Is there no updates both for L3 and L3 Pro? Or only the L3 is abandoned?
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