Lumin D2 Silver with Sbooster MKII LPS DAC Linear Power Supply DSD Network Music Player
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Sep 21, 2007

Lumin D2 upgraded with the Sbooster BOTW P&P ECO MKII Power Supply and the D2 Mini connection kit.
Pictures of unit to follow.

“Improved bass slam and definition, more body, ease and increased air. A huge boost in performance for an already impressive component. Highly recommended.” Excellent Condition, all original box and accessories present.
Kevin Deal

The AC switch was neatly cut and can be easily soldered if need be. Instructions for reattaching are included if needed.
LUMIN D2 Network Player, renowned for its analog presentation. Roon Ready, super functional, great sounding and overall one of the best and more reliable streamers under $3.5k.

The perfect introduction to audiophile streaming
LUMIN D2 improves on the hugely successful D1 to create a formidable package.

Faster processor to allow playback of DSD128 5.6MHz
Internal power supply keeps interference lower and cabling neater
Wolfson WM8741 DAC chips, 1 chip per channel
Retains fully balanced design of the LUMIN family – including XLR outputs
Compact case with solid aluminium CNC front panel
Available in black anodised finish as well as raw silver
Gigabit Ethernet

All the usual LUMIN refinements:

From MQA to DSD, FLAC to WAV, LUMIN can play all the high-resolution formats you could ever want
Native support for TIDAL, Qobuz, Spotify and AirPlay-compatible, giving you access to tens of millions of songs

Buyer pays 3% PayPal fees
2 boxes. Will ship in contiguous US for free
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