LTT/LTS LDM+ for better portable amp
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Jan 17, 2007
This actually might be able to go in the discussion forum first but ill test the waters here. I have a LDM+ in perfect condition for sale, looking for something to use between my iPod and AKG 240s or Alessandro MS1s both pretty easy to drive at 32 and 55ohms. Mainly listening to blues/jazz/rock/classical [i know pretty wide range of sound] i actually listen to everything but id like an amp that will compliment my listening style. My 2ch system is exclusively Rega british electronics and i love their laid back liquid sound. Rega planar 3 and planet to a rega brio integrated. Id like to find an amp thats portable but can bring that british laud back liquid sound to my ears. Ive been told the wolfson DAC is good enough that the right portable amp should help do this pretty well. Price wise, id be looking to trade the LDM+ and add bout 100-150 on top. Please let me know if you have any ideas or have equipment you'd think suits me and ill do some reading and let you know. I will also consider buying an amp straight up but would like to sell the LDM+ first to help fund as it is the holiday season.

cheers all!

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