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LP6 Ti 199 -- The Most Expensive and Technical Advanced Portable Player on The Planet?

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Eaton Liu, Mar 26, 2019.
  1. Eaton Liu
    About two months ago, I attended an audiophile meeting hosted in LA. The meeting mainly focused on portable audio gears -- IEMs, DAPs, portable amps, and some sealed headphones. I was not a fan of this subject because I had been a full-stack system user for a decade since the debut of HD800 in 2009.

    From Rudi 030 to Manley 300b to Eddie Current 2A3 to Cavalli Liquid Gold, I switched back and forth trying to get "the best overall" sound of my HD800 system. However, I failed to fill the hollow mid-range or balance its bright tonality. Then I was seeking for substitutes like LCD4, Abyss 1266, Focal Utopia and STAX SR009. I was pretty satisfied with my SR009 system driven by Eddie Current Electra and my Utopia rocked by the massive Viva 845. Long story short, I'm not as zealotic as before and sometimes numb to new-released gears (but the MSB Select paired with Sennheiser HE1 could be my next step, they are phenomenal tbh).

    As a graduate student who barely has time to relax in a sunny afternoon and have a full listening section for hours, I shifted my focus to portable audio gears which I can bring to my office. It is the main reason I attended that meeting, and I was surprised by the development of portable players nowadays which share a lot of similar architectures as those "desktop boxes." More surprisingly, I was shocked by the price they set: a pair of CIEM can cost me more than 6000 bucks -- the same amount for TOTL open-back planar magnetic headphones. It made me feel like a flagship headphone (which I already have) plus a portable player should be "a more sensible decision in economics" if it can be driven properly. Then I found something quite interesting. A portable player called LP6 Ti, which nearly hits the $6000 bar, claimed to be "the first R2R portable player designed for TOTL headphones like Sennheiser HD 800 or Focal Utopia".

    After I read their introduction pages(I will post below), I considered this project must contain some technological breakthrough than just pure marketing strategies based on my basic EE knowledge as a physics grad student. Unlike many manufacturers like Chord and PS Audio who convert everything to bitstream(PCM to DSD), the LP6 Ti accomplish the same task inversely -- it converts DSD and PCM into 20bit PDM and then takes advantage of R2R chip to complete the DA process. The large scale FPGA from Intel provides tremendous flexibility of DSP, upsampling and digital filtering. As a result, the claimed numbers tested at PO looks outstanding. I'm not sure how these titanium/wood finish will be like, and I don't think it matters to the sound. With more than 7V output voltage, man, that's insane.

    This is a long journey, but finally, I decided to give it a try with my fingers crossed. Since every single piece is unique and individually customized by using a large scale FPGA, the production takes several months, and I will post reviews once I receive it.

    The original introduction slides:

    幻灯片1.PNG 幻灯片2.PNG 幻灯片3.PNG 幻灯片4.PNG 幻灯片5.PNG 幻灯片6.PNG 幻灯片7.PNG 幻灯片8.PNG 幻灯片9.PNG 幻灯片10.PNG 幻灯片11.PNG 幻灯片12.PNG 幻灯片13.PNG 幻灯片14.PNG 幻灯片15.PNG 幻灯片16.PNG 幻灯片17.PNG 幻灯片18.PNG 幻灯片19.PNG 幻灯片20.PNG 幻灯片21.PNG
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2019
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  2. Tony Ng
    cantbe the most expensive, theres sony dmp z1...

    but in terms of SQ, yes, a vy impressive machine.. Screenshot_2019-03-29-22-01-19-329_com.tencent.mobileqq.jpg
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  3. Tony Ng
    with sharp 2-way (50mm+80mm) headphones 1553869271581180473195645184638.jpg
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  4. Tony Ng
    the 4.4 port of LP6Ti somehow produces some black magic to make the panasonic hde10 shines like a diamond...wide soundstage..detailed..sweet vocal.. the only area where room for improvement might still be found is the soundstage depth..this is the only area where not much improvement is noted with LP6Ti...
  5. Tony Ng

    another hidden gem uncovered by LP6Ti is the "BIE" iem by VE, the maker of zen earbug.. compared to hde10, vocal is less forward, bass, particularly low n mid bass, is more rich, yet very well controlled..for pop music, it outshines hde10..
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  6. Tony Ng

    LP6Ti (coax) hugo2 (rca) stax ed1 diffuser (rca/xlr) VE DF amplifier (xlr) sony ecr500....sound is rich and detailed....
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  7. Eaton Liu
    Thank you for your reply. I've never expected I could meet an LP6 user here. I don't consider the DMP Z1 is a portable player since it is even heavier than my laptop(ThinkPad X1 Carbon). As a geek, I have to admit I'm falling into the ambition of the architecture used in the LP6 ti, so I made that deal, a big gamble. Do you have any description of the sound signature or equipment comparison of this piece?
  8. Eaton Liu
    Interesting. So there are 2 dynamic drivers inside the chambers? How about the sound?
  9. Eaton Liu
    Informative listening experience. I don't have the HDE10 earbuds so I have no idea tbh. So you think the drawback is from the LP6 ti rather than the earphones?
  10. Eaton Liu
    So, my understanding is the Hugo2's DAC is better than the LP6 ti?
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  11. bmichels
    All this looks like a lot of marketing bul**** ! :kissing_closed_eyes:
    Last edited: May 15, 2019
  12. Sven2015
    I hope the ultra superb duperb player can a simple "gapless playback". :thinking:
  13. dhc0329
    Is this even available to buy in US? Doesn't appear so...I doubt this will sound any better than N8 but if it is and available in US,
    I can certainly consider.
  14. udesign48
  15. Whitigir
    impressive engineering for sure. But using Coax from this DAP ? Ok.....

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