Low-ohm DT 770 - problem with small amps?
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Sep 8, 2006
I have a DT-770 set at 2x 80 Ohm that I am overall very satisfied with - sound-wise.
However, with my amps it has a tendency to go into distortions (clipping) at what is not loud enough for me.  Recently the release of Within Temptation's Unforgiving album has driven this to a point where I need to act. My amps are a FiiO and Bravo Audio Tube amp.
Now, the first thing I need to understand is whether I face amp clipping here or whether I had the headphones at their limit.
The second thing I want to know is whether the higher Ohm version of the DT-770s would fare better here? Would low Ohm headphone go into distortions earlier?
My other sets of headphones don't show this problem. I am sure the DT-770s are not damaged, they are clear at lower volume and even across both ears.

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