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Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

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  1. hakuzen
    usual norm is the lower output impedance, the better.

    it is exceptional when a manufacturer recommend certain higher impedance, in order to reduce hissing, or in order to alter highs frequencies. for the first case, special impedance adapters which don't increase total output impedance are recommended. for the second case, i'd prefer a better original tuning rather than modifying it with output impedance.
    we know some cases: er3xr with impedance adapter, reduces noise/hiss and increase highs level, so it looks like near er4xr tuning (see clavinetjunkie video). the effect on kz zs6/zs5v2 is the opposite, higher output impedance tame highs levels. it depends of the impedance of the iem (balanced armatures impedance and crossover). in general, it's a bad idea to do this. if you want to alter frequency response of an iem, you'll get quite better control of the result by equalizing.

    blessing is not an special case like these. i'm using xduoo x20 to test. its output impedance is 0.12Ω(single end) / 1Ω (balanced). in single end, i shouldn't notice tonal difference in blessing between 0.12+0.06(cable 125)=0.18Ω and 0.12+0.20(cable 165)=0.32Ω. it stays very low. in balanced mode, 1.06Ω vs 1.20Ω, not much difference either. so i'm going to sacrifice a bit of output impedance in order to get the darker background and better definition from the 7n up-occ wire.
    of course, i'd prefer lower cable resistance, that's why i asked for 8 cores version of these cables (near half resistance).
    Last edited: May 16, 2019
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  2. CoiL
    Last edited: May 16, 2019
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  3. keoki
    Is there such a thing of an adapter to make a MMCX connector to a 2 pin? If there is, does it effect the sound?
  4. Eddie C
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  5. hakuzen
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  6. SilverEars
    What is the most conductive, least resistant cheap cable? Prefer if I can order it on Amazon if possible.

    Also, @hakuzen . Have you tried measure two or more of the same cables, and did you notice any inconsistencies in the measured values?
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  7. keoki
  8. hakuzen
    have you checked my list? it's ordered by resistance, ascending. when you see "/" between numbers, it means more than 1 cable measured. when many (more than 5 cables) measured, i show average resistance.
    i use them with kzs, even with flc8s (0.70-0.72mm). penon version pins are a bit thinner, go for these
  9. Slater
    Hi friend, your transparent plastic Penon ones cracked, right?

    I wonder if the black plastic version will crack also. I’d rather have the Penon ones because they are smaller and more compact than the Lunashops ones.

    But I don’t want them if they crack and fall apart.
  10. SilverEars
    Yeah, I just saw it. The most conductive one is $100. That's not cheap.
  11. snip3r77
    why are some cables that we purchase is 'longer' than stock.
    I actually prefer stock length
  12. Slater
    That’s why I just get a good cable in the $15-$30 range and be done with it. I will never hear the extra 0.00000000001% improvement a $100 cable will provide anyways. Why? Because most of my IEMs are budget IEMs, and a $100 cable isn’t going to perform or sound any better on a $25 KZ than a $20 cable.
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  13. hakuzen
    using aliexpress coupons plus seller discount, i paid $68 for last one. recently, using May ae coupon ($5), final price was around $60. just search for the better deals.
    there are also very low resistance cables for $16, like 065 and 053. although quality of the wire is worse than more expensive ones, and the sound with them is not so good. but, like @Slater has mentioned, you won't notice difference when using not very resolving iems, or small sound difference could not justify price difference for you.
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  14. hakuzen
    yes, i think it cracked when pulling out from a cable. it's a vertical crack all height long, but the adapter is working perfectly. aesthetics issue. black ones are ok, although i've used them shorter.
    i'd also go for penon ones. shorter length is a great advantage, and thinner pins can also be more versatile.
    stock length is a bit short for me, when carrying the dap into my pocket (yep, i'm tall)
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  15. Linkoiram
    Is this the right place to ask this? I need a usb c to 3.5mm adapter for my phone and it appears there aren't many good options out there. I thought they were all the same, but today I discovered the left and right audio channels were swapped on my cheapo chinese adapter and I realized I need to keep a stock of ones that work correctly. Moto z3 play so I'm not limited by the dac requirement that Google pixel phones have
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