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Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

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  1. candlejack
    It's easier to trust your ears when you have a consistent method. Appreciate the description of your evaluation process!
  2. candlejack
    Just for reference, ended up getting 054 and 168.
  3. Broquen
    Didn't know that there's a mixed version of 057 too :thumbsup:
  4. hakuzen
    even with a method, there are some days i get "analysis paralysis". this gives you an idea of how small the differences are
    good choice, hope you enjoy them a lot
  5. Starfinder
    apologies for a newbie question.

    I notice that a lot of these cables come with a four rings on the mini jack but I see no mention of a microphone. If it has no mic what the extra rings for?
  6. candlejack
    The standard 3.5mm TRS audio jack (3.5mm is the diameter, TRS stands for Tip, Ring, Sleeve) has 3 distinct contacts, for L+, R+ and L/R-. The jacks with 4 contacts (TRRS) split L/R- into L- and R- for "Balanced" audio. The TRS configuration is referred to as "Single Ended" or "SE". The story gets long after that.

    But if you do not have a player that outputs balanced audio, then you should not worry too much about this and stick with the TRS jack (unless you want to use an adapter and be future proof).
  7. Slater
    Those are balanced cables. Each channel has a dedicated ground (R+, R-, L+, L-).
  8. Jayden16
    Can anybody with a Fiio LC-C cable comment on the microphonics? I'm looking to get the 4.4mm version for my Andromeda's and the ZX300 I have on the way. Cheers!
  9. candlejack
    You don't say... Andromeda S from ZX300 4.4.
    Jayden16 likes this.
  10. Starfinder
    Thanks for the explanations.

    With my setup (see signature below) do you think a cable upgrade would improve the audio?

    If so, would a balanced cable be compatible with my gear and if not would it still work but in an unbalanced way?
  11. Slater
    Since you’re just starting out, I would just get a normal, single ended 3.5mm cable. For your level of IEMs, you can get a perfectly good cable for $20.

    If you get a balanced cable now, you’ll have to deal with balanced-to-SE adapters sticking out of everything you want to listen to it with (not to mention the cost of the adapter).

    It makes little to no sense at this stage. Do yourself a huge favor and keep it simple.

    It would be like buying a Toyota Camry for commuting to work, and then going ahead and buying drag slicks, a racing parachute, and a roll cage for it (storing all that crap in your basement), just in case you ever wanted to install a 1000HP racing engine and use the Camry for professional drag racing (which may never even happen).

    You can always buy a balanced cable down the road. And if and when you got to that stage, you can decide which balanced source to get, which will dictate which balanced termination type you’ll have to get (because there are numerous). Plus not to mention it’s unlikely you’ll even be using the same budget IEMs, so who knows what IEM you’ll have (and what termination socket that IEM uses). If you bought a balanced cable now, there’s no guarantee it would even be compatible with everything you’ll be using down the road.

    And yes, I know you can buy balanced cables with swappable ends ($$$), but again let’s be realistic and keep it simple for this guy.
    Last edited: May 9, 2019
  12. Starfinder
    thanks, are there any $20 cables you can recommend to a newbie that might be a good upgrade on the ones that come with the TRN 1MI
  13. Slater
    I don’t have the IM1, but my advice is whatever you decide to get make sure it isn’t made for recessed 2-pin connections.

    So from this photo, you want the ones that are shorter, NOT the ones that stick out longer at the 2-pin ends.


    Here's 3 of my cables, which are good quality budget cables, and should work just fine on the IM1.


    Also, does anyone know if Kinboofi cables are banned from HeadFi? Many of the listing titles are associated with a banned seller, but that doesn't specifically mean the actual Kinboofi cable brand is banned...
    Last edited: May 9, 2019
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  14. hakuzen
    terrible artisan job! well done! it looks great. guess you could have added two pieces of different diameter silicone pipe as progressive strain relief, or some heatshrink tube at least
  15. CoiL
    Yeah, but I purposedly didn`t want to do that. "relief" shrink tube is inside jack shell and I prefer actually it little moving at the end. So far this way my cables have lasted without problem and look nicer :wink:
    Tried classic "free-moving" spring reliefs but didn`t like the look.
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