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Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

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  1. zeppu08
    DM6 + cable 130

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  2. bk123
    Please share your impression of this cable 130.
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  3. ForceMajeure
    for this cable, the blue dots indicate negative signal btw. I have tested it

  4. BadReligionPunk
    Was just user error. My multimeter was working and I finally got everything situated correctly. The Blue dot was indeed negative which makes complete sense. Being as the plug was 2.5 balanced I was also able to figure out L and R and mark them appropriately.

    Great cable. Very comfortable and very soft/flexible. I love the black and copper color scheme. Looks great. Not to heavy for me.
    Anyway. Thanks to all that helped out.
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  5. Jon L
    [​IMG]IMG_0009 by drjlo2, on Flickr

    Cable 130 finally arrived. When I first listened to it on CCA C16, I became somewhat worried, as the sound seemed similar to garden-variety silver-plated copper cables, i.e. bit of forward/etched low-treble to upper-mids with bass that is tighter but less in quantity/bloom.
    However, only after 24 hours of continuous burn-in, things are falling into a smoother, warmer balance with great resolution retained.
  6. courierdriver
    Looks awesome! Nice to read that it's making a difference.
  7. 40lb
    Other then Aliexpress and Penon, are there any other site to purchase cables?

    Aliexpress doesn't have my address sadly and Penon doesn't have the cables I wish to purchase. I do know there are forwarding services but I don't want to pay $25 for the service on a $25 cable.
  8. Cevisi
    Ebay amazon ect
  9. subwoof3r
    Maybe try Taobao, but you will need an agent to import (so a few dollars added for that service).
  10. 40lb
    Took a look at Amazon, would not recommend there depending on what you want to get compared to Aliexpress some prices are close to double.
    Most likely going to use Ebay.
    Thanks for the help.
  11. fzman Contributor
    The advantage for using Amazon is that the whole price is refunded if you return it- as opposed to losing the shipping charges from other 'vendors'.
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  12. Kenneth Galang
  13. subwoof3r
    Just received today my cable 125 :)
    Total hype, I'm glad to finally get it!

    Cable looks very premium to me (heavy and huge 4 cores, a bit like my NiceHCK "7N crystal copper" that I reviewed).

    I let it burned for 7 hours approx for now, they sound amazing to me, nice overall clean, natural and detailed sound, great soundstage, great preserved original bass without any bleed into mids, etc. I'm currently listening to it.
    Expect more impressions soon :)
    (I already removed earguides)

    Some quick shots I just took to share with you guys :




    Last edited: Apr 23, 2019
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  14. kingdixon
    Daaaamn .. this cable looks nice
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  15. Plej
    Hi guys. I've read a lot and I think I'm going to buy this one for my Andromeda: Cable

    I'm looking for balanced plug, resolving sound with wide soundstage. If you have any better ideas than cable above please let me know :wink:
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