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Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

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  1. Kenneth Galang
    perfect thank you :)
  2. warriorpoet
    I measured the Tanchjim cable and posted it in the O2 thread, but thought y'all might appreciate the data :)
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  3. hakuzen
    @Dsnuts got one of these, iirc.
    probably pure silver.. plated copper
  4. Dsnuts Contributor
    Those are excellent cables. I use it on my AndromedaS. It has a lot of silver content on the material and sounds like it. I like it over the stock litz cable that came with the AndroS. IMO completely worth the money spent on a set.
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  5. fuhransahis
    Anyone have any sound impressions on the ISN C16 cable? Perhaps against an EA Ares II?

    Have seen some post pics and that they received it but no sound impressions so far, unless I missed it?
  6. Palash
    I have received all ISN 16 core cables and going to compare them soon. But i don't have Ares , just got EA Origin.
  7. Palash
    Off topic - I am using Loctite 243 on my loose cable plug threads is there any other better solution available ?
  8. courierdriver
    I can give you some impressions, but please take what I say with a grain of salt, because there are variables involved which must be factored into the equation. First, I dont have the EA Ares II, so I cant compare to it; I can only compare to the Lyre cable which came stock with my Kanas Pro. The Lyre sounds really great on it's own, but I wanted a 2.5mm balanced to run from my Fiio Q1MK2. So, right off the bat, no matter what, there is a difference in single ended vs. balanced. More power from balanced output makes a difference right there, so trying to make a fair comparison is more of an apples to oranges sort if thing. Balanced with more power coming from the dac/amp vs single ended from the lower powered 3.5 output. After about 10-12 hours with the C16 though; here are my thoughts:
    So far, I have not noticed any significant difference compared to the Lyre in the bass. That's not a bad thing because the Lyre is already great in that area. Plenty of sub bass and slam with both on my KPE. The mid bass, upper bass, and mids seems to have a bit more body and warmth with the C16, but not giving up the definition, giving the fairly neutral KPE a more enjoyable sound and makes vocals sound more lifelike. Treble is also a bit smoother and a bit less sharp to me compared to the Lyre, but the C16 doesn't get in the way of the details by doing this. It just helps in making brighter recordings sound less strident and easier to listen to. Where the C16 is very noticeably better, is in the imaging and soundstage. There is a much better sense of separation between instruments and voices and a bigger sense of space. The width of the soundstage is bigger and extends outside either side of my head; the depth is also improved. These last two things actually shocked me because the KPE was already exceptional just with the stock cable. The C16 just made things even wider and deeper sounding. Then again, I can't be certain that all of this isn't just a result of using the balanced output of the Fiio, which has about 50% more power than the single ended out. Either way, the C16 looks killer and feels great. To me, it was worth the $60 I paid just for the looks and build quality alone. The fact that it sounds great is icing on the cake.
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  9. Slater
    When you say loose cable threads, do you mean the threads on the body of a 3.5mm plug?

    You could try 2-part epoxy if you want a permanent solution.

    Also, Loctite 263 is even stronger than 243. It requires a heat gun to remove however. Super strong stuff though.

    Last edited: Apr 14, 2019
  10. Palash
    dddddd ddd
    Yes the 3.5 mm plug.
  11. hakuzen
    i'd use one of these removable by heat resins. this allows to repair the plug if broken or weak solders inside
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  12. assassin10000
    You could slip a piece of vinyl or rubber hose over the 3.5mm plug and use pliers to hold & tighten it up. This works way better than fingertip strength.
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  13. perfecious
    This is attributed to the much lower crosstalk you get with balanced output. It's not because of the cable. Treble smoothness and warmth (sometimes tonality, depending on the IEM) is the main thing you will hear with the pure copper C16 cable. :)
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  14. candlejack
    How the hell did I miss this post?! Was waiting anxiously for the report on the Acrolink cables. Great to see see such good measurement results. For me it's between this (ref 160) and the GUCraftsman spc cable (ref 133). Could you offer more comments on connector quality and cable ergonomics? How do they compare in terms of softness, thickness, microphonics, general comfort around the ear? Could you please post more side-by-side pics, with some details of the connectors? Any direct impressions on sound differences between these two? Thanks a lot!

    Thanks for the report. Are you happy with the comfort?
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