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Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

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  1. gwertheim

    Water boil?
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2019
  2. rustyvinyl
    Hi, anyone one has any input for this cable?
    which code is it on the first page?

    Last edited: Mar 25, 2019
  3. hakuzen
    it's cable 054 in my list
    rustyvinyl likes this.
  4. rustyvinyl
    Thanks for your fast reply.
    Any impression on this cable?
  5. hakuzen
    i haven't done a/b with this cable and others yet. conductivity is decent (equivalent to 27awg, i'd prefer a minimum of 26awg), and hope they won't degrade signal. will report after doing ab
    rustyvinyl likes this.
  6. rustyvinyl
    Thanks a lot ! Maybe buying this during the anniversary sales in 3days
  7. audio123
    Noble Kaiser Encore + ISN H16

    Another great pairing with the ISN H16 adding body to midrange & creating a fuller vocals performance. The treble of the Kaiser Encore is expressed more smoothly.

    hakuzen, jbr1971 and Dsnuts like this.
  8. docentore
    do you have link for it?
  9. bk123
    Need help to decide between these two Nicehck copper cables.
    one is 8 core and other is 16 core.
    1. is there any significant sonic difference between 8 cores and 16 cores.

    I don't like heavy cables. I can't spend much on aftermarket cable now. I just want to replace my stock cable of IMR R1 Zenith. it is very rubbery and does not hold over the ear properly.

    Please advise

    1, 8 Core

    2. 16 core

    Suggestions of better cable than these under $30 is appreciated.
  10. 40lb
    Will you be posting a review?
    audio123 likes this.
  11. audio123
    Definitely, cheers!
    40lb likes this.
  12. RodgerDodge
    I have this one in my collection. I use it with my Campfire Lyra II. It looks nice and has a nice feel to it.

    I can't comment on it's sonic qualities as all these cable sound the same to me. Which begs the question why I have a collection of cables, but never mind.

    The connectors are a brown colour, rather than black.
  13. kingdixon

    Hey buddy,

    So regardless of the measurements any recommendations for the upcoming sale ?

    I was planning to get some 053 and 130, i might drop the 053 for now, so what else do you recommend beside 130 to try out from your collection ? Also what is your planned purchases too :D

    I might try the moondrop crescent also this time, has a nice hype going on.
  14. hakuzen
    i've received cheap jc ally 4 thick cores dark blue cable. will add it to the list soon (cable 065).
    superb conductivity (0.10mm*63*4c!) due to thickness; cheap plugs. it's cheap version of cable 125.
    when doing ab with cable 130, i didn't like 065 at all at first minutes (lows degradation, forwarded mids and highs, too bright and thin, not clean sound). i kept doing ab, and it happened like with isn audio cables: quite better result. 5-10 minutes is enough. although it can't be compared with 130 cleanliness. edit: once again, quality of conductor material matters.
    have to do some more ab with other cables, but i can say they are good for the price they cost. pity the quality of plugs (same plugs than cheap trn cable, guess the difference of resistance between signals, which happens in both cables, is due to the jack solders).
    there is something strange related to the used wire. advertised as 7n occ (obviously false) at lunashops, and 1m of single wire costs almost the same than 4*1.2m+plugs jc ally cable. or lunashops' wire is an scam, or jc ally has got tons of it very cheap.

    i plan to get nicehck new 8 cores and 16 cores cables, spc and copper, to try them and compare with cables in that segment of price (053, 052, 065..).
    and maybe the more expensive https://www.aliexpress.com/item/-/32963189583.html , advertised as pure silver (which i doubt of); but i'm afraid it will be similar quality than cable 052 silver, which is cheaper. only way to know is purchasing it, but it's over $45, so dunno..

    for quality high resolution iem, my recommendation is still the same: cables 130, 125, and 133 (these sales are a good chance to try 133 Gu's cables, they are not discounted frequently). 140, if you need a lighter thinner wire.

    i ordered moondrop crescent last week. nice price for a supposedly well tuned dynamic driver.
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2019
  15. rustyvinyl
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