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Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

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  1. hakuzen
    thank you so much, @Dsnuts , i couldn't explain it better.
    easy way to organize my list, and then, to refer to them unequivocally and shortly.

    @Slater , sorry for the cryptic posts when using these numbers. after watching my list, you'll get used to the numbers, specially to those which you are interested of.

    not in my list, because didn't order them yet. i'll probably purchase 8 cores copper and spc versions, and maybe 16 cores copper and spc versions, at march sales.
    edit: however, we discussed that cable some days ago. it's structure is 0.10mm*7*8cores [2c/signal:.~26.7awg]; which gives a resistance of ~240mΩ.
    it's thin, and guess copper quality won't be that great.
    but it could be a very good option at that price.

    nice description of strengths of cable 130, thanks

    to me, cable 130, like other silver plated quality cables, make sub bass a bit smoother. you can loose a bit of rumble, texture, but have the advantage of better defined bass when it's too grainy.
    for example, you can follow the sub bass line better in "lose yourself to dance" (daft punk), while you get more rumble with some copper cables
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  2. hakuzen
    nice find. i'll try to search official names there, then.

    no more cores, resistance is high, compared to others, because it's very thin; smaller amount of metal. but sound is very good, copper material must be quite better quality than others
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2019
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  3. snip3r77

    For commuting would a 4core or even lesser be better?
  4. hakuzen
    no, djt1 (8 cores, cable 140 of my list) is thin, light and flexible enough
  5. subwoof3r
    Just received my cable 053 (NiceHCK) today. Looks and feels good in hand (soft and flexible). The only physical issue is that the plug has a visible scratch on it (unfortunately). Plug could be better but is OK.
    Currently burning with my NiceHCK EBX earbuds, I will remove earguides and water boil it tonight to give a try on my yet best reference DIY earbuds to have best sound impressions. I will try to make a comparative with my recently 2 other NiceHCK reviewed cables :thumbsup:

    Not sure but I guess THIS cable is a better bargain compared to it.
    'laters :v:
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  6. hakuzen
    i got many 053 for $12 at 11.11. guess copper quality is the same in both cables. double copper amount, double price. although the plugs of the new thinner cables look better.
    i got impressed with 053 conductivity, but when comparing it to more expensive cables (using a very resolving iem), didn't like it.
    anyway, they both are good upgrades for budget iems
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  7. subwoof3r
    Well said, it is good for budget but there is better alternatives :thumbsup:

    Btw, I have a question for you about the cable 130, isn't this cable the same as the one I reviewed HERE (the "8 cores" one). Looks like physically it is the exact same tickness and material, same plugs and splitters, etc.
    So, isn't just a question of different color of TPU insulation used ? I'm interested buy this 130 but if it's the same as the one I have, then it's not very interesting.
    From what I can read, I have the exact same feeling of what it's been said from the 130, on my reviewed cable.
  8. hakuzen
    no, they don't use same wire.
    130, 131, and 132 share same wire, advertised as pure silver plated copper (in some shops, they are advertised as pure silver). only colors i've seen of this wire are yellow and gold.
    your "8 cores" cable is advertised as pure silver. different wire. plugs, splitter, and chin divider look identical, though.
    i decided to try your "8 cores" cable after reading your review (thanks!). will order it at 28.03
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  9. subwoof3r
    Many thanks for the infos, appreciated :)
    You're welcome, will wait for your thoughts and measurements on it. You won't be disappointed, it is an excellent cable (both craftmanship and sound) :thumbsup:
  10. Dsnuts Contributor
    A bit of a heads up. Aliexpress will have their anniversary sales in 7 days. That means. Cheaper stuff including cables.
  11. archy121
    Speaking of cable burn..

    Would it still work if audio is playing through it but no earphones are attached to mmcx ?

    Guessing it should work as electric is present.
  12. alexh
    I would say there is not so much difference between the SPC cable (130) and the pure copper cable (125) in the amount of bass. The Pure copper puts more emphasis on the the bass because of a little less definition in the highs, I think. The SPC cable (130) has on the other hand more texture in the bass. Plucked bass sings more and bass harmonics are more defined.
    The standard bgvp spc cable (120) has a tiny bit more sub bass, but it is less controlled. With this cable I prefer to turn the volume a notch down so this cancels out any advantage in that area.
    I can imagine on a very "bright" sounding iem the pure copper (125) might be the better choice.
    All in all I think cable 130 is much more "fun" to listen to and i didn't bother putting back the other cables in the last month or so and with the coming sales this cable is an exceptional value.
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  13. Kenneth Galang
    in an open circuit there is voltage but no current. idk how that'll effect burn in but I think (if you believe in it) a running current that travels is needed, rather than just a pushing voltage
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  14. subwoof3r
    As promised, here is my quick impressions (after few hours of burning with pink-noise, and earguides properly removed) :

    Definitely I feel the copper definition on this one, overall sound is warm, soundstage is not so huge, feels intimate and concentrated. When I first listened to this cable, it's like everything was a bit congested.
    High frequencies are much tamed (a bit less of details), bass is forwarded (lacking a bit of definition and precision than my other 2 other reviewed NiceHCK cables). Mids looks good but nothing extraordinary (will keep authenticity of your drivers on this freq).
    I really feel the difference between my 8 cores and 7N ones.
    While this cable is not so bad for its price, there is much better alternatives. Anyway, this is a good budget/starter cable, for sure.
    I would say for very bright and bass light IEMs/earbuds, this cable could be a good option.
    Will do a proper review anyway soon.

    Now I'm really tempted to get this 130.. :)
    Cheers' :thumbsup:
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2019
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  15. jbr1971
    Hi all,

    It has been very interesting going through this thread to see that there are some non budget killing, great sounding cables out there to be had.

    I picked up some RHA CL2's recently & have just ordered a couple of balanced SPC cables from Penon Audio. A 16 core, & a 8 core. I'm looking forward to hearing how much of a difference they make over the OEMs.

    They are the:



    Does anyone have any experience with them?
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