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Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

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  1. archy121
    I have the BGVP OCC on my DM6 and it’s sounds very smooth and perfect for most of my long listening sessions.
    Now I’m after an additional quality OCC SPC/Hybrid cable to add a little sparkle to the high end and tighten the mids. Hope to pick up a bargain on AE March sale.

    How is this cable doing with the DM6 now that you have had it longer ?
    Is this cable 130 on @hakuzen list ?
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2019
  2. hakuzen
    despite of its resistance, due to its thinness, the sound when using this cable (140) is superb. i've done ABC..J with 10 cables, and this one is in the top league of my list (together with cables 125, 130-132, and Gu-133 -both copper and silver-).
    unfortunately, ISN S16 (cable 151) falls a bit behind of those (while being better than ISN C16).
    in a lower tier, cables 052 (all versions), and cable 053 closing the list (the worst) of my 10 cables round up.
    main criteria has been definition (but also overall sensation). differences are so subtle that bias, mood, tire, and other aspects could have conditioned my impressions (our brain is too complex, you know..). so my classification is very subjective.
    quality material seems to matter, regardless of resistivity/conductivity (which is still a parameter to consider).
    haven't noticed big difference between copper and silver plated copper (C16 vs S16 showed more noticeable difference). very slight sensation of tighter bass and forwarded mids with cables S16 and 130-132, but Gu-133 silver didn't give that impression at all.

    used xduoo x20 (last stock firmware) balanced, FLC8s, Daft Punk "Lose yourself to dance" and "Give life back to music" (from "Random Access Memories", FLAC 24bits 88.2kHz). short list, i know, but found in these tracks what i was looking for.
    i'll measure frequency response and distortion while using these 10 cables, and will post.
    if i had used low resolution iem, i couldn't have found any difference probably.
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2019
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  3. hakuzen
    it is..
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  4. flameas
    Damn, just ordered one for the full price :D Oh well, im sure its worth the full price too :p
  5. archy121
    Im looking to buy just one more Quality cable so hope to get it right.

    As mentioned the DM6 are now super smooth to my ears that i can fall sleep listening to them. The spikey grainy highs have completely gone. In fact I sometimes Equ up the highs slightly with some genre like Trance for more fun. I think its a change in drivers more than the OCC cable so I think a quality SPC could be good now to add little sparkle and openess.
    130 is in my budget but i dont know what to expect of it. ISN S8 seems decent but as I'm only looking to buy just one more cable I have increased budget for better quality.

    I'm also considering the Sony m12sm2 as I know the build quality will be exceptional. Not sure again what to expect soundwise. Its OFC silver plated and guessing the silver plating will be genuine as its Sony.

    Can you offer advice and other recommendations ?
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2019
  6. alexh
    I bought cable 125 (Copper) on my DM6s to tame the grainy highs a bit. This worked quite well until my DM6s calmed down completely and I started to look for more sparkle in the highs.
    So I ordered cable 130 (SPC). This was a revelation for me, everything sounded so “natural” and spacious. The DM6s definitely benefit from a good silver plated cable.
    It is even worth trying the grey bgvp spc cable that came with the earphones. If you like the sound signature with that cable, you’ll be delighted with cable 130.
    After that I’ve also been fine tuning my audirvana upsampling settings and got even better results. Absolutely no sibilance even on the harshest recordings.
    There is now a synergy between the DAC, cable and earphones that is nothing short of spectacular.
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  7. Slater
    Where on earth do you guys get these cable numbers from? None of mine have ever come with a model number. I’d have no clue if a 117 vs 139 vs 982 slapped me in the face.
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  8. Dsnuts Contributor
    Hakuzens numbered cables. Is what those numbers are referring to. You can see all of them and more updated ones from the link on the front page.
  9. archy121
    Thanks for your helpful feedback.
    I tried the standard cable and it hardly made a difference to the BGVP OCC. The DM6 is so smooth now that it seems like the standard cable doesn’t affect it much.

    I’m hope the 130 NiceHCK will offer more sparkle and openness than the standard one as I don’t want to end up with an expensive side grade.

    Are you able to comment on the sound difference of DM6 standard SPC VS 130 ?
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2019
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  10. Slater
    Are the numbers arbitrary? In other words, do they decode to # of cores, size of conductor, metal type, etc? Or is @hakuzen just pulling numbers out of a hat to assign to a particular cable?

    Just curious that’s all...
  11. Dsnuts Contributor
    I suppose for clarity sakes he had to number his cables he has measured since there are so many. He has become the cable whisperer. Lol. Makes sense as there are so many cables we are talking about here. A number associated with a certain type from certain vendor is easier than referring them to be what they are in description. They are all copper or silver but which ones are we talking about. If you know what I mean.

    Good way to have a way of reffering to the exact cables people are wondering about. A lot of the cables bought online dont even have a name. They are referred to as "upgraded cable." ect. So a number makes sense. Even better he has resistance measured on all of it. Nice work on his part.
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  12. ForceMajeure
    Thanks, indeed I had an impression it might be better than other optiosn just because of the number of orders for a relatively high priced cable compared to others. there are also a few Japanese blog that praise the sound of it.
    My guess is that it has a high number of cores relative to cables that cost less.

    By the way the official name for that cable is NICEHCK DJT1 8

    Almost all cables sold on ali can be found on amazon japan with their official name and more user pictures and reviews.
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  13. alexh
    I just did a few listening tests between the two cables. The biggest difference is in the highs.
    I've listened to some different tracks I use to review my stuff: classic orchestral stuff, piano, rock, heavy metal.
    The standard SPC cable sounds louder while using the same volume settings on rock and heavy metal.
    Classic music on cable 130: there is more space, you hear more of the acoustics of the concert hall. Instruments sound more defined, realistic and there is more seperation between instruments.
    You have to be very familiar to the recording to hear the differences, as all has to be done from memory.
    A big difference I heard was when I played the title "Prey" From the metal group "For I Am King". The singer (screamer) is a girl and her voice got completely overshadowed by the abundance of hi-hats, I could hardly hear her voice on the stock cable.
    When I switched over to cable 130, the girls voice became much clearer, the hi-hats sounded less distorted, at a lower volume and much more realistic, I could even hear some space which i definitely could not hear with the standard cable.
    It took me a few months after i got my DM6s to find the right cable, tweak my upsampling and filter settings. This is probably (most likely) due to the slowly changing sound signature during burn-in.
    The thing with the DM6s is that they are so efficient and revealing. You have to pair them with the right source to get the best out of it. The cable is just another, albeit smaller, factor.
    You cannot go wrong with cable nr. 130 on the DM6s imo. It is clearly more open sounding than cable 125 (occ copper) or cable 120 (stock bgvp cable), a sound signature that i prefer. The stock cable also gives me a bit too much distortion in the 3-8 kHz region.
    For me cable 130 is an exceptional value. If it is worth the money is up to you.
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2019
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  14. archy121
    Thanks for taking the time to do the comparison.
    Sounds good to me and I will wait till the sale end of the month and hopefully pick it up at a better price.

    Just one more thing - any differences in mid and sub bass area ? Tightened, deeper, lighter etc
  15. Slater
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